Anouk goes to Lil & Kleine at The Voice of Holland


When Sophie finished the song, she received a standing ovation from the jury and the audience. "Wow, Sophie is really good, I think you have a fantastic voice," Anouk said enthusiastically. Lil & Kleine is also a big fan: "It's amazing what you do." Now that all the coaches have scored, Sophie has chosen it.

But choosing a coach doesn't seem easy. Although all the words of praise he doubted between Anouk and Lil & Kleine. "I'm sure I can really make you known", Lil & Kleine tried. Anouk also wants the 25-year-old to love his team, but honestly admits that he can never make him a star, but he can learn a lot from him.

The trainers' argument was enough for Sophie to make her choice and she decided to choose her first choice: Lil & Kleine. And that's entirely in the clouds! Anouk can't hide his irritation and disgust with the words of the rapper. "You did a fantastic job, but what he promised you was bullshit," he told Sophie. Meow!

Want to see more from the trainers? Then see The Voice of Holland every Friday at 20:30 on RTL 4.


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