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Hamilton grabs victory in Bahrain Malheur Leclerc


18:50 – Lewis Hamilton won an exciting Bahrain Grand Prix. It seemed that Charles Leclerc, his first victory in Formula 1 was a book, a little more than ten laps to go was the engine problem ended a fairy tale. Monegasque after Bottas was moving, after the end of the safety car prevented Ferstappny will pass it to the third place.

Ferrari was the weekend, of course, the strongest team in Bahrain, but not on Sunday, not to turn a good shape in a convincing victory. The problem of the engine associated with Karlovy Leclerc and back Sebastian Vettel did not make the Italian team no further then the third and fifth place in the race, after the team drove the best time in all training and qualification is captured in the first row.

Leclerc was in Bahrain for the first time in his still young Formula 1 car & # 39; career pole position, but did not have a great start, and thus saw teammate Vettel to overtake. 21-year-old driver from Monaco struggled in the first round and had to abandon the place in Bottas, after Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen began to push. Leclerc then recovered, however great his sluggish start. In the second round, he took second place back from Bottas and in the sixth round, he was back in the lead after several sharp clash with four-time champion Vettel world.

Leclerc then gave himself a safe buffer, and it all seemed to run smoothly for the Ferrari driver and still did not seem anything standing in the way of his first Grand Prix victory. A little over ten rounds, but it is difficult to put an end to the tragedy hit. "Guys, I feel something strange in the engine" sounded dull on the radio ship. Leclerc pace down for a few seconds per lap, which went ahead after ten seconds on Hamilton, like snow in the sun. With only nine rounds was the reigning champion of the world themselves suddenly back in the lead of the race, while Leclerc's nightmare was not yet over. Bottas passed him a few years later with ease over and Verstappen was approaching fast. Neutralization three laps to go, however, means that Leclerc was still a third, and so for the first time in his car & # 39; EASURES F1 can go to the podium. Fastest lap brought him another place in the world championship.

Verstappen, who are without a car in the security situation will almost certainly go along Leclerc at the end of the third place, so we had to settle for P4. The Dutchman started fifth in the competition and came out strong from the start, but then allowed Ferrari pace and Mercedes drivers to keep up. Error in the tenth turn, means that Carlos Sainz Jr. was able to hook and was able to go on the offensive, which ended in Touché, where the McLaren driver about a flat tire is maintained. Verstappen did itself a slow puncture and was therefore the first of the men to come into the pits for new tires, he accidentally unleashed an entertaining game pit stop between Ferrari and Mercedes.

Hamilton came from behind undercuts Vettel for second place, but then struggle with the rear tires, making him the place had to give up German again. In the second series of pit stops Hamilton Vettel retained, but now had to catch the best pace. The first attack was repulsed again, but the second time was the reigning champion Vettel past him and went into a spin. German damaged tire, and then fought with such heavy vibrations in the car his front wing broke, too. Verstappen, who at the same time, a solitary control of the race was in fifth place, took advantage and got to P4. Vettel produced an extra pit stop to ninth place, but he was able to fight back well to quickly return to the fifth position.

Lando Norris had a great race in the McLaren and finished sixth in his first points F1. Raikkonen sent his Alfa Romeo on the seventh line. Pir faded stubborn earned eighth place in his second race for Red Bull. Alexander Albon, the Frenchman was not easy, was ninth in the Toro Rosso and opened, as well as his overall World Cup. Sergio Perez has won the last point in waiting.

Romain Grosjean was eighteen wheels after the first screenings in Bahrain. Haas driver had his car into the parking lot the pits with damage he had shortly after the start sustained in a collision with Lance pleasure. A few laps before the end it was one big drama in the Renault. Almost at the same time kept the engines Nico and Ricardo, sixth and ninth layers on it. As a result, the match ended behind the safety car. Almost at the same time as the Renault duo was also Carlos Sainz Jr. McLaren-Renault put on the side from which the Spanish rider in front of the second race, a number of DNF records.

Two weeks later, Formula 1 season continues in China.

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