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Head has no blockers register to receive Wi-Fi tracking – IT Pro – News


Personal Authority has not received a request from the Association to take the register blockers for WiFi tracking. It had to be done. This register citizens should be able to eventually give readings over Wi-Fi tracking.

Minister for Legal, Sander Dekker, provides a response to questions from the Green MP Buitenweg Authority Personal «no formal request for approval to the integrity of the code and refuse to register" received. Sector Association Marketing Insights, Research and Analytics showed earlier that the company is counting the people who are buying via WiFi tracking of summer come to a joint, national registry. In MI citizens can unsubscribe. To make this possible, if the integrity of the code that the members of the association to record their methods for tracking Wi-Fi, and non-automatic register is in the middle of March to be transferred to the head, Nu.nl wrote at the time on the basis of the declarations of the Director Association. Now the code is not available, the registry blockers are likely to get longer wait.

By the way, it is still doubtful that register with the & # 39; is valid and, therefore, receives approval from the Personal administration. This is due to the General Regulation on the Protection of Data, which basically does not allow non-use action. This is because regulatory rules stipulate that the Wi-Fi tracking that in practice almost always the processing of personal data entails, only based on several grounds. The ground situation explicit consent for tracking and registration in the registry is actually the opposite. By the way, a legitimate interest or performance of the contract are two other reasons that track Wi-Fi, but the grounds are in a situation of buyers, as a rule, not a problem.

The minister in his reply that he does not know, WiFi tracking which municipalities use. This is due to the creation of the Association of Dutch Municipalities that if WiFi surveillance carried out by owners and outdoor public places, the operator responds that operates in accordance with the rules of confidentiality. This means that municipalities have no idea, in principle, to the Authority for personal data, to determine a & # 39 is a highway, and measures should be taken there.

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