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John Singleton (51) died on the consequences of a stroke | entertainment


lone something & # 39; I was already known before Monday, it was decided to remove the fan director. "It was a terrible decision that made our few & # 39; u care and help doctors in a few days", can be read in a statement.

Relatives were also extensively discussed the car & # 39; Singleton career, who & # 39 is best known for his directorial debut Boyz N Hood"John turned down the opportunity for new talent. His films began to car & # 39; career as an actor, which were later covered by the industry. Talents as tupac Shakur. regina King. Cuba Gooding Jr.. Terrence Howard. Ice Cube. Tyrese and Tarazhi P. Henson".

The youngest Oscar Nominee

Something & # 39; and thanked for the support received. "We have fans, friends and colleagues are grateful for the love and prayers during this difficult time." The director let seven children after.

for Boyz N Hood Singleton received as a 24-year-old Oscar nominations for best director and best original screenplay. He still holds the youngest candidate in both categories ever. In addition to his film work Singleton directed several video clips Michael and Janet Jackson and episodes, among other things empire and billion.

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