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Marvel represent these six movies and four runs in the next two years NOW


Marvel boss Kevin Feyzh featured in six movies and four series in the coming years until Sunday phase 4, Or "phase 4" The miracle of the universe Cinematography (MCU), writes the American media company IGN. All performances must be given within two years, the first film will be my 1 2020. Marvel Studios releases its first animated series and release three television series, all in the stream channel Disney +.

Films within one phase Marvel released, but the events have an impact on the story lines of other films on the same "phase".

Feyzh movie titles shown during Comic Con in the US city of San Diego. Comic Con – it is fair to fantasy, science fiction and pop culture, where many invited artists.

The first films to be released phase 4 is timeless and black widow. The last film to & # 39 will be my 1 2020 and will be held in Budapest, Hungary.

In the film, they will learn more about life The Avengershero Alanovna Natalia "Natasha" Romanov, or Black Widow. Actress Scarlett Johansson again takes the place of the hero. (Photo: 123RF)

superhero film timeless It based on the same name comics of Jack Kirby black panther and The Avengers I wrote. The timeless "Virtually untouchable" superheroes will compete with the enemy – devyantami.

The film – winner of the "Oscar" and Angelina Jolie game of thronesstar Richard Madden connected. The film will be shown in a movie from 6 November of the following year.

Marvel brings seven films and series in 2021

In autumn 2020 the first TV series to be Falcon and the Winter Soldier True. lovers Shang-Chi, and the legend of the ten rings We have to wait until February 12, 2021.

In the spring of that year, and with & # 39 appeared TV shows Loki and film WandaVision Exit at Feyge, "delves into the past life The Avengersmutant Scarlet Witch. The film takes place after the events in The Avengers: the final.

Loki step back, and a series of episodes shows that ThorSinister Loki does to the events that led to the The Avengers: the final. TV series will soon be shown in Disney +.

Loki actor Tom Hiddleston (photo: Getty Images)

Marvel brings the continuation of my 7 2021 Surprisingly Dr.. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch again attached to the lead role, and Scott Derryksan again controls the film. full name Dr. odd multiplex Var & # 39; yatstva. According Cumberbatch, the film will be a "healthy mix of humor and action."

The first series of animation with Marvel "What if …?" announced

In the summer of the same year Marvel releases the first animated series titled: What to do …?. According Feyzha, Marvel goes into the gap that his company has not yet used. The series involved a large part of the film of the previous successful superhero movies.

For the first time the film confirmed that removed the TV series The AvengersHockey Hero, the first episode can be seen in the autumn of 2021 on the Disney Channel streaming.

Episodes relate to alternative ego Francis "Clint" Burton called solitary Ronin, in which he uses the katana and no onions.

Feyzh confirms new guardians of the Galaxy and captain Marvel movies

Announced last film Feige blade As the name suggests, based on the eponymous comic series from 1973. In 1998, 2002 and 2004 were released movies about vampire hunters. In 2006, there & # 39 TV series.

In addition, Feyzh confirmed that popularity there is a third film guardians of the Galaxy and a second series captain Marvel film. Currently, work is underway on the production around Fantastic four. All three films have eventually take part phase 4 but when they are ready, it is still unknown.

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