Possible reporting points for interior suicide farmers


Schouten wrote this to the House of Representatives on Saturday.

The minister found that visitors to such farms often cannot chat with a farmer with psychosocial problems, but that he can refer people to mental health care.

According to Nieuwsuur news, which reported a problem on Saturday, concerns about suicide among farmers increased in the agricultural sector. Financial worries, strict environmental laws and loneliness will be a factor that causes stress on farmers.

The Netherlands does not track the profession of people who commit suicide. This happens in other countries. According to Nieuwsuur, research in countries around us shows that suicide among farmers is significantly higher than average. In France, it will even be 22 percent higher than the average.

Schouten will consult with the Minister of Public Health to see if it is possible in the Netherlands to register suicide with professional groups.

According to Nieuwsuur, agricultural organizations and dairy companies currently hold training courses in collaboration with aid organizations 113 Suicide Prevention & # 39; Here, farm visitors have been taught how they can recognize suicidal behavior and how they can make it negotiable.


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