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Smartphone gives you vote again: the app for young people with mental health problems


Levi van Dam Researcher (University of Amsterdam) is involved in the development of G-Moji. "The app basically asks: what does a young man that is eating something, how late he stays up?" These questions also represents a savior, Van Damme says. "But the app does the reverse movement, the information coming from young people themselves."

conversation filming

32 young people last year in the experiment with the application involved. Half of them had psychological problems. Two of them have made a suicide attempt. With them, the number of negative smiles more than others, and it was before any of happy faces to be seen.

Researcher Van Damme believes that young people can be treated more effectively with the application. "Talking with a counselor from the & # 39 image data. With the app, you will learn much more about the times when they feel good or bad. "

The young man, who tested the app available to praise the character. "You can easily determine how you're doing." Communicating with smaller application, she said. "I had to learn how to express their emotions. In an interview with & # 39; u, to tell how it goes with the & # 39 is confrontational. This is a good step. "

part of the solution

Van Damme wants to annex initially help reduce the number of placements of young people. "It's in the Netherlands compared to other EU countries is very high, as they are not of the & # 39 are effective. But the impact is huge, and the rest of the family & # 39; and ".

Ideally, he would spare the young radical innovations. "And I think that this app can be part of the solution." In the next experiment, the number of participants should be expanded. Up to 500 young people were looking for in age from 16 to 24 years. They need to install the application and use in a month. You can register here.

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