Wednesday , May 12 2021

StukTV Thomas van der Vlugt must rest from the doctor NOW

Thomas van der Vlugt must take it later than his doctor. A popular YouTuber from StukTV suffers from his chest.

"I have to keep this for a while, but now I have to take it more slowly at the suggestion of my doctor." "I've been around long enough with my chest." Research has shown that things are worse than expected. In the future, there will be no shows or recordings and I hope to come soon with better news, "explained Van der Vlugt on Instagram.

He told his followers that they need not worry. 26-year-old Van der Vlugt is next to Giel de Winter and Stefan Jurriens creator and founder of the StoutTV YoutTube channel. The presenter is always open about his condition. He spoke at the program earlier this year Very interesting about panic attacks that he experiences from time to time. Besides that, he was almost exhausted.

StukTV has more than 1.9 million customers and more than 700 million views. On the channel, you can see videos where men carry out the tasks they receive from viewers.

Media company Talpa Network has bought the YouTube channel recently. According to the company John de Mol, this is the first time a media company in the Netherlands has taken over the YouTube channel. It is unknown what Talpa paid for the video channel.

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