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"What are returning holidaymakers should look for Legionella home" – Friesland –


According Techniek Nederland, the chances of contamination legionellyu largest after the holidays. Cranes are used during holiday, causing the water in the pipes is stopped, and the water temperature quickly rises above 25 degrees. These two factors have a negative impact on the quality of tap water.

Take a shower first home

Vacationers would have been nice to shower spilled over four to five minutes, when they get home, to prevent the spraying of water. Contamination occurs mainly by inhalation of an aqueous mist, whereby the bacteria are located in the lungs. Eric van der Blom, prevention specialist in legionuelly Techniek Nederland: ,, Basically, atamalizatsyya happens in the soul. You can prevent this by holding down the spray head under the water in a bucket, or hiding in the shower to wash cloth.

Flushing after the holidays it is important to ensure water quality. Flushing also ensures that substances that dissolve in water such as metals from pipes for drinking water, are washed away. Van der Blom: "Many people do not realize that the water in the pipes has a limited shelf life, as well as packs of milk."

Tips on preventing legionella infection

• Wash off all water supply and hot water for a minute after the rest.

• Let the water smoothly and avoid spraying water. You can do this by holding down the spray nozzle under water in a bucket, in pralottsy or removing the spray nozzle from the tap.

• A garden hose, which hangs in full sun, can also be very warm, which can lead to the development of legionella. So first wash garden hose, which is not used on a daily basis. Avoid immediately fog.

• You can often set the hot water temperature independently. Make sure that the hot water from all faucets temperature at least 55 degrees.

• Never adjust the installation of drinking water, but make it a recognized company for installation. This is particularly important to prevent "dead tube", and heating the cold water hot adjacent tubes (hotspots) during construction and installation adaptation drinking water.

• Regularly clean and disinfect gidramassazhnuyu bath (spa, hot tub, jacuzzi, hot tub) in accordance with the instructions.

• Techniek Nederland recommends consolidate all pressed for a few minutes on-site recreation.

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