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Get a new free Pokemon right now in ultra Sun and the Moon


Pokemon fans can be looking forward to the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield for Nintendo switches, but at the same time, The Pokemon Company still has a few freebies for a series of recent 3DS installment Ultra Ultra Sun and the Moon. Players who have membership Pokemon Bank can now claim two free Pokemon in the seventh-GEN games, and they are slightly different from those that you can usually catch.

For a limited time, you'll be able to get free and Oranguru Passimian, entered the Pokemon Bank. What makes this special Pokemon special, they come with their own hidden abilities that are usually not available in games. Passimian with & # 39 is the Defiant, which increases his attack at any time, one of his statistics omit the enemy, while Oranguru with & # 39 is a symbiosis, which will take place the item he holds as an ally in a double or triple battle when this pokemon uses its own holds the article.

You may qualify Oranguru Passimian and none of ultra games or original versions of the Sun and the Moon. To download them, you need to insert your game of choice in 3DS and access the application Pokemon Bank. Once you see a notification that the gifts will be available, you need to open the game, then pick up from the Pokemon delivers expectations inside any Pokemon Center. The distribution will be available only until October 31, 2019, so you have to time to sign up for a subscription Pokemon banks, if you do not have and qualify for the Pokémon.

Pokemon bank & # 39 is a paid cloud service that allows you to easily store and move between all the pokemon series and seventh sixth- generation games 3DS Pokemon. Subscription costs $ 5 / £ 4.49 per year. As an added bonus, The Pokemon Company regularly distributes free Pokemon subscribers; Last year, for example, he gave all three Alola starters with their hidden abilities. You can also save the Pokemon version of Virtual Console 3DS in Red / Blue / Yellow and Gold / Silver / Crystal on the bank's Pokemon.

Oranguru and Passimian not only freebies still available for the 3DS players. You also have until September 2 to claim the rare assortment of berries using Mystery Gift. You can see all the bootlegs available for Ultra Ultra Sun and Moon in our review.

Pokemon Sword and Shield with a & # 39 is the next "major" installment in the Pokémon series, and they are scheduled to run for the switch by Nintendo in late 2019 Pokemon companies did not disclose many details about the games, but we got our first look at their new surroundings and starter Pokémon . You can read all that we know about Pokemon Sword and Shield is still here.

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