Tuesday , April 7 2020
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Mercedes-AMG, to kill a rear-wheel drive


Mercedes-AMG, known for creating powerful hooligan cars, has confirmed that it will be displayed on the rear-wheel drive to all-wheel drive.

AMG boss Tobias Moers broke the news to foreign media recently, saying it does not make sense to invest in something no one buys. He said that if
sub-brand offered AMG E-Class in both rear-wheel and all configurations of pads, more than 90 percent of customers chose AWD. In addition, he added, the new
E63 has all-wheel drive, as well as the "Drift mode" that gives customers the best of both worlds.

Even the flagship AMG GT escape slaughter. Mears said people ask him about all-wheel drive for the GT, probably for security and stability.

As for the transmission, the AMG has confirmed that each of its models will be electrified in some way to the year 2021 V12 will soon be a thing
past for AMG and Mercier added that V8 could also be in trouble for some small cars AMG, as well as the C63.

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