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Overview Amazon Echo Show 5: smaller and cheaper, but really smarter?


Amazon just can not stop doing reasonable dynamics.

Now there is an intelligent music that is suitable for any taste, size and budget with some, such as Echo Input, starting at just £ 35.

But Amazon clearly wants his supporters was even more choice, so he recently released his latest device called Echo Show 5.

This is a reasonable device brings the speaker and mini-display to your home, without taking too much money from your bank account.

So far, the original acquisition of the entire screen Echo Show will be worth more than 215 pounds, but the newest addition Amazon is available at a fraction of the price.

For £ 80 you get an intelligent device based on Alexa, which not only responds when you ask him questions, but also displays information on the 5.5-inch display.

You will receive a notification, fragments of news and daily diary, which appear on the screen, which will certainly bring a useful dimension of this gadget.

It is also possible to watch movies, browse recipes and view the latest news as well as a tiny camera that allows users to make and receive video calls.

Amazon was also very clever, because, unlike the previous Echo, there is a small switch, which can cover the camera if you are worried about privacy.

Another good feature is the screen – it is possible to display a digital clock with a variety of styles and even family photos that match your home.

For daily release music has some impressive speakers that produce audio on a decent level, and you get all the usual rational functions, including power on lights and heating, just talking about it.

Of course, this echo, therefore has access to millions of songs, playlists and radio stations, and the recent addition of Apple Music service makes these devices even more attractive.

With plenty of opportunities – a big fan of Echo, and is a new addition to the range means that you get the added bonus of the display without having to pay a small amount of their own.

However, we are not completely sold on the Echo Show 5.

The fact that the screen is easy to use, the fact that it is so small, limits what you can do with it, especially if we compare it with a large 10.5-inch echo show.

This means that we do not like to use the tool in areas such as the kitchen, because the small screen is too small to see.

Thus, you will probably eventually with & # 39 Show 5 appear on your desktop or on a pedestal, where it will work very well.

But its design is just not as cute as smartwatch Echo Spot, and we would prefer to display the device than the new Show 5.

And finally, there are the audio, since it does not sound better than the standard Echo, which is currently being offered at a much lower price to 59.99 pounds.

All this poses new Show 5 in an amazing place with other products Amazon, simply offering more useful features, lower price and improved design.


Echo Show 5 – another great smart speaker with Amazon, which offers many features at a price that people can afford.

His small screen brings some nice additions such as content viewing, receiving messages and video calls.

The fact that he acts like a digital clock, and a & # 39 is a good bonus, and the quality of its sound decent enough to fill a medium-sized room with the latest tunes and your favorite playlists.

However, its screen is not as good as the standard Echo Show, its design is not as attractive as Echo Spot, and he can not defeat the Echo standard for sound.

This means that the new Echo Show 5 feels a bit pointless.

If you aspire to a small, low-cost intelligent speaker with screen, Echo Show 5 very nice, but we're just not sure we like it.

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