Weather is bad? More like Snow-vember


Just as we are all preparing for the joker weather, forecasters predict there will be snow before summer.

After a week of sunny weather, with plenty of sun, this weekend has seen the gray sky and rain spread throughout the country.

In some areas to the south this afternoon, the lead ceiling has given way to heavy rain, thunderstorms and hail.

Around the middle of the South Island, residents are warned of possible flash floods – and even tornadoes.

Over the next few days, MetService forecast complicated weather systems to move across the country, bringing a long period of wet and cold weather.

"Most people can expect to see rain for the next few days – however, snow surprised the main focus of this event," said fortune teller Tui McInnes.

Since we are in the late spring and at the height of summer, snow is not something that is usually thought at this time, he said.

"Although it's never heard, snow rarely happens until the end of this year."

The level of snow is set to decrease significantly for the South Island, with dust even possible for the Central Highlands of the North Island.

"The cold temperatures associated with this weather system mean we can see snow up to 400m in the Southland and 500m in Otago and Canterbury – and there are some bad weather warnings and watches on the spot, so this is certainly an event to keep up to date with."

MetService also estimates the risk of hail, which can affect horticultural areas.

"This weather brings unstable air with it, the main condition for hail."

In Auckland, the rainy weather is forecast for the first three days of the week, with Monday's lowest to 9C.

Wellington will be cooler and wetter, with a maximum of Tuesday reaching only 13C.


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