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Wellington Saints require 11th NBL title with a stunning return Hawks


The Wellington Saints released the soul back to claim the 11th place in the National Basketball League and go through 20 matches unbeaten season.

Paul Henare Saints turned the deficit in the semi-final in 18 points in the NBL finals 78-68 win over Hawk Hawk in Horncastle Arena in Christchurch on Sunday evening.

League MVP Nick Kay and Tully Black Thomas Abercrombie joined the grip in the last quarter as the Saints – departing at 10 for three-quarters of a break – won victory of 10 points.

Aberkromi, has got a couple of the most important indicators of triple in the last position, he picked up 22 points to win the final grand prize of MVP from the bench, and Kay (13 points, 15 rebounds) was just everywhere.

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In Henare it may have been a few flutter as hawks dominate the early quarters – Hawks during the third period were 21 points – but the experience of the Saints and enviable bench depth prevailed at the time of death after much improved defensive effort.

They picked up their 2017 first feat of 20 wins and 0 losses, to achieve a perfect season NBL.

League MVP Nick Kay has soared in the last quarter of the saints to help them win 10 points.


League MVP Nick Kay has soared in the last quarter of the saints to help them win 10 points.

Abercrombie praised the way the saints refused to throw the towel.

"Kapyalyushysya to Hawk. They put us in a deep deep hole." But, as we have done throughout the year, we substantiate it. "

Genaro said: "From 12 to 12 years, this group was impressed from the start."

The victory, which increases the Saints record – a tribute to the organization, the owner and built dabrachynnikam Nick Mills, as well as the legacy created by leading former players, including current assistant-coach Kenny Makfaddenam.

2019 Saints squad was so deep that the Australian NBL Sunday Dech guard failed to make the starting five for the final.

The name became veterans co-captain Leon Henry fifth in Saints colors in a 14-year-old car & # 39; EASURES NBL – and his sixth.

Kay received a second title in a row with two different teams after being defeated Southland Sharks to victory in 2018.

Star New Zealand Breaker Shay or four years, the ring corrected his third winner with the saints. Rubvin Te Rangi also took third place, and the center of Abercrombie and Tully Blekasa Rob Lo, who scored 14 points, the first in his first season with Wellington.

Because of all their quality stars, saints were stunned by the beginning of the hot Hawks who perfectly adhered to the tactical plan that was hatched head coach Zico Karanel – Saints assistant coach for five seasons winning.

The collapse in the last quarter was a strong blow to the big man of the Gulf Brenda Bowman, who collected 30 points and was a rebound, and Ethan Rusbetch, who cut 18 years after the return to the former court.

Karanel said that the saints had "class organization in the league," and they were "phenomenal defensive in the second half, when you needed to be," but he was "very proud" Hawk.

Previous Matches experts asked if Hawks defense can throw line of the Saints, embedded in the Tall Blacks and the Australian NBL players.

But Bowman, Rusbatch, E J Singler, Dion Prewster and co were more than a problem in which there is no light in the first half, killed double figures, and Wellington were limited to one successful three pointer with 14 attempts.

Two bucket "back to back" "Rusbetch" Bowman commanding unit and booster "Prevstera" – thick triple right edge ensured that the first bay was 11 point.

Bright Hawks extended their advantage to 18 points in the midfield after the second quarter of the dominant.

Saints were the worst of their enemies – by shooting at the 30th attempt Percentage of field goals in the first half – but much of the credit belonged to the strong protection of the Hawks, as Bowman leads the way with the first six midfielders under its own network and helmet. at the other end.

Coach "Wellington Saints" Paul Genaro trying to pry their players out of the hole in the Horncastle Arena.


Coach "Wellington Saints" Paul Genaro trying to pry their players out of the hole in the Horncastle Arena.

In the second quarter, "Rusbak" struck seven more points to become the leading scorer of the Hawks in the first half. He doubled on defense with three rebound against the saints rivals.

In the third quarter improved statistics saints improved, but every time they scored comments "Hawks", "Rusbetch" to please its fans helmet after a reverse turn and Bowman refers to a comprehensive clinic with kidnapping unit and three-pointers. .

Holy, however, remained on the job, and three Aberkromi before the buzzer reduced Hawk advantage to 10 points.

Hawks did not help his cause by making a risky shot after the restart, allowing Kay to reduce the deficit to eight points, and the Saints came out of there.

At first glance,

Wellington Saints 78 (Thomas Abercrombie, 22, 14 Rob Lo, Nick Kay 13) Hawkes Bay Hawks 68 (Brandon Bowman 30, Ethan Rusbatch 18, E J Singler 11).

Quarter points: 1Q: Hawks 21-10. 2Q: 32-19. 3Q: 59-49.

In the semifinals, the Saints beat Southland 95-89, and the Hawks finished strongly eclipse Canterbury Rams, 74-68.

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