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Agency before midnight to avoid a large impact


Employees of about 750 companies in industries such as hotels, brewery and trucks will go on strike on Monday morning, about KNBPA disagree with workers organizations, LO and YS.

This is the first time since 2013 that the mediator in the intermediate setting. Now to the national intermediary Mats Wilhelm RULAND to find a compromise that leads to the prevention of a first stroke in the middle of the village since the Second World War.

In this case, 23,000 LO-members and 1600 YS members employed in the HOH companies are on strike on April 1 in 06. NHO retailers both LO and YS national mediator.

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LO and NHO may not agree – is now a national intermediary


Thursday March 14 announced NON LO and that they failed to agree on wages this year, and on Wednesday it became clear that mediation is voluntary and is not successful.

Facts about mediation between NHO and LO / YS

* Wages in this year & # 39; an interim settlement, which means that there must be a coherent and coordinated only on salary.

* The calculation of the private sector began with LO handed their demands NHO Monday March 11th. Negotiations began on March 13 and ended on March 14 without the parties have agreed.

* March 27 demanded LO entered into voluntary mediation. Thus, the national intermediary Mats Wilhelm RULAND find a solution.

* Two forhandlingsdelegasjonene sat together at 12:00 Saturday. So, they took a break at 17.00 on Saturday and met again 24:00 Sunday. Deadline to agree on a Sunday night at midnight.

* If there is no solution through mediation, LO and YS reported that a total of about 25 000 employees in the HOH companies will be affected by the strike of the working hours from April 1, Monday.

* Employees of Statkraft, Mills, Ringnes, Nikita Hair, Scandic Hotels, PostNord Give, Telenor, Canal Digital, Aker Solutions, Rem and Coca-Cola with a & # 39 are among those displayed on the first strike round, according to the list L.

* At the beginning, LO and NHO also agreed to restructure the existing pension schemes in connection with the temporary settlement this year. As noted in the report that it is not clear by the autumn of 2019, then to & # 39 is prone to settlement in 2020.

(Source: NTV)

Saturday party talks for five hours by the state mediator and Sunday parties met again.

– We will help the parties reach an agreement and find a good solution for the economy. But it is the responsibility of the parties to negotiate. From experience, so they often do it, says the national intermediary Mats Wilhelm Ruland told NRK.

Low wage growth with & # 39 is a hard nut to crack

wages in this year & # 39 is a so-called temporary settlement where the parties only pay negotiations.

LO President Hans-Christian Gabrielsen (tanker) and NHO chief Ole Erik Almlid failed to agree this year's wage settlement by negotiation or voluntary mediation. mediation on Sunday last chance to avoid a blow from April 1st Monday. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / Scanpix NTV. Photo: Scanpix NTV

Hand and hope for a solution. But when he had a break in the negotiations on 14 March beating Nonna chief Ole Erik Almlid firm, which requires wage Io is too high.

Employees will have real wages since helped to moderate wage settlements in recent years, as well as an additional impetus for the low-paid, which they believe have been left behind.

According FriFagbevegelse can lately be a hard nut to crack. The exact size of the wage demands of LO are not known.

Employers look at their side with concern to the international market, and believes that Norwegian companies should be strengthened in competition with foreign firms on wages this year.

Last NHO believes can be combined with real wage growth. The parties disagree on how large the increase will be.

requirement of payment

On the eve of the mediation, the parties have stated that they are ready for a long tug of war in mediators Office Office. But LO and NHO were silent after the break and, therefore, there is no one, except those sitting in the meeting room as far away from each other in reality.

If the parties agree on the members of the LO in companies like Statkraft, Mills, Ringnes, Nikita hair, Scandic Hotels, PostNord Give, Telenor, Canal Digital, Aker Solutions, Rem and Coca-Cola among them, which are taken in the first strike of the round, in accordance with LO-sheet.

On the part of AS "There Parat members in Adresseavisen and Aller Media among those takes in the first shock points.

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