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Apple, remove parental control application from the App Store


Parental control application & # 39 are in addition intended for parents to monitor their children use mobile phones. Now, however, Apple removed some of them from the App Store, as they claimed that Apple's, just for "invasive" – ​​the invasion of people's privacy. He writes TechCrunch.

Applications may be downloaded by parents and provide a great understanding of what their children are using mobile phone, through the so-called methods of "Mobile Device Management» (MDM). For example, the functions contained applications that allow one block track position control what applications she ran, and provide access to e-mail accounts, camera and browser history.

large market

There are several applications of parental control, including Kidslox, moments and Ourpact, and some applications have been downloaded millions of times. The total for applications with & # 39 is that they provide an opportunity to identify some restrictions on how many different programs can be used, thus putting a very clear boundaries for children's screen time. In addition, it includes the ability to monitor.

Back in November 2018 criticized the CEO for Kidslox Victor Yevpak, Apple in a blog post.

– We know that this is called "A convincing design", and that application developers deliberately make the application and the device is extremely exciting, he said and added that parents should set limits for their children to use different devices.

He accused Apple's, to frustrate the application of parental control, which he called "digital Wellnes market" and not to set a sufficiently effective alternatives are available.

These applications are for the invasion

Apple's, recognizes that there may be good reasons why the enterprise monitoring devices for data and hardware. However, according to Apple can not afford mobile device management (MDM) in the general case, when he & # 39 is invasive.

– It is very risky – and precise violation of the principles of App Stores – for private, consumer-oriented business applications in order to establish control over the MDM client device, Apple printer at its base.

In its decision to remove Apple's application is different, the time children spend on the control devices, as well as monitoring them. Niemi Apple's, that their own screen time applications have to limit the use of the device, but without having to include the monitoring of purchase.

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