Avisa Nordland – Move the Skavlan to Saturday night


Move from Friday night to Saturday at 22:00.

After Friday & # 39; s "Skavlan", TV 2 announced that the talk show next weekend will be moved from Friday night to Saturday, November 17 at 22:00.

This happened because the Norwegian national football team played international football against Slovenia on Friday night, the media and TV 2 television chief, Jan-Petter Dahl, quoted Nettavisen.

Because national matches were also broadcast on TV 2, the channel chose to move Skavlan to Saturday.

"The skull came afterwards. Should we dance on Saturday," Dahl told Nettavisen.

Failure rate

Since Skavlan moved from NRK to TV 2 this season, the numbers have failed in popular programs.

The King Fredrik Skavlan Talkshow started with 440,000 viewers when the season began early this fall, while last week only 238,000 entered. Then also with the most talkative person of the week, Knut Arild Hareide Krf was in the chair.

The "TV War" with Lindmo, which at the same time on NRK Friday night, has so far been superior.

FRIDAY WINNER: Anne Lindmo won the battle against Fredrik Skavlan on Friday night this fall.

Photo: Terje Pedersen NTB scanpix


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