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– Dear Russians Dad – thank you!


Russ Tida fully under way, and in this regard, section youth Majorstuen police station sent a tribute to parents on Facebook.

"This weekend was my colleagues and I at work, further said that Russia event in Winter Park. I saw you when you sat patiently in the car while waiting for an heir. If you picked to bring home safely, "says section leader Johan Benitez in a post titled" Dear Dad Russian – thank you "

"I was touched when I saw her stretch, to give you a hug. When we then nodded and gave each other a smile and a thumbs-up. When later we patrolled the area and collided with a car, which was awesome. When we looked and saw the Pope holds his head to his daughter. Henne was vomiting (…) "

Post clearly hit a nerve, says Benitez and written form was liked, shared and commented on by almost 5,500 times.

– I Went orderly

Each spring writes almost all Norwegian media news of a large number of cases relating to noise and crimes committed in the celebration of large-scale. This week, the need for including four teenagers in court after being sent a sex tape 17 year old for the promotion of Russian car. And before the weekend told Dagbladet, Russian asking that the young girl on the naked photo to follow scrolling.

Benitez believes it is important that not all black.

– We have seen that many parents were there and contrived their youth. They are all good parents will have little praise and recognition. It is important to provide such feedback, and he tells Dagbladet.

He says that the celebration weekend went Tryvannshøyden neat separately.

– Russian side with the & # 39 is a Russian party, but there was not a lot of incidents police had to deal with.

– Show that you care

Section manager also believes that parents with young people under 18 should not allow it to be part of a scroll with a Russian. He spreads so many thanks to all who dare to be "severe".

– I believe that the time for the Russian school graduates, said he graduated. Obviously, the things that are happening in Russia the time that we want to prevent, and that is a very important point that the Russian age. This is not a 16-year-old who just wants to be.

In addition to praise parents, he wants to spread the word about how vulnerable the Russian period of time can be. And how important it is to support them.

– I think it's important to make a good deal. Setup, when it comes to pick up and set up an appointment, send sms and hear how it goes. Just to show that they are all the same, I think there's a lot to say.

Equal Dagbladet on Facebook

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