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Despite frantic reputation, many of the biggest festivals in Norway achieved financial success.

Offer Norwegian festival is packed during the summer months. Within half an hour to fly a variety of festivals executives report good results.

"Until now, we are committed to an incredibly good result, and we greatly look forward to this year's festival", – says Julie Forhhamer, CEO Vinjerock, which takes place this weekend in the "Nettavisen Økonomi".

Earlier this summer Palmus could also reported a record surplus.

– We were sold this year the festival a few days after the last year, we closed the door at the festival – says Leif Fosseli in Nettavisen Economics.

Already all available tickets for next year have been sold, and Fosselie promises to win the program back in 2020.

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Success: Leif Fosseli pleased with the completion of this year's festival in Palmese.
Photo: Palmus

return back

Vinjerock – This three-day festival, which takes place in mid-July each year. 3500 festival participants gathered at 1065 meters above sea level, to listen to music in the background Zhatunhaymena.

The festival receives some state support, but in 2015 she received the income. However, the festival no one earns a fortune. Excess benefit the local community.

– We are created as a limited liability company, but no one has ever received dividends, says Forhhamer.

Money for electricity

She says that he does not have financial goals for the festival, and it is an experience that is most important. Any financial surplus, however, will contribute to the development of the festival.

– The fact that we have used in previous years – is to add electricity to the festival. This will greatly enhance the quality of the participants of the festival, as well as facilitate our organizer, "- she said.

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SPECIAL: During the "Trenafestivalya" in the church hall Bendik Gishe
Photo: Ayvind Skorstad

Target financial gain for Trænafestivalen in doctrine Helgeline. Even if CEO Jim Ove Martsinussen expects a good financial result for this year's festival.

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Always a plus

– Everything went very well. We have organized a great festival with technology that just works. "We have always been on the black", – he says.

Tree Festival has clear rules for the use of profit. Something used to create economic buffer for unforeseen expenses, the rest are returned to society.

– We are organized as a & # 39; unity, and no one can take profit. Each year, we donate 25 percent of the wealth in the Cultural Foundation, which supports local projects. We are pleased that grows around us, says Martsinussen.

Increased competition

this year's results are not yet known, but the festival manager knows that it is about profits. However, Martin does not think that he plans to organize a festival.

– We'll get a good financial result for the year. Just how much he gets, it is not clear yet, but I know that everything will be fine. At the same time, we note that increasing competition from the growing market, he says.

Martin nevertheless notes that problems arise along the way. All festivals are competing for the same customers.

– The market is a lot more players than ever before, and we must take care to ensure that our customers choose us rather than the other festivals. We notice that people are more critical of the fact where they want to go, so we strive to always have new projects, he says.

IDYLIC: Festival of Trees festival tents have wonderful views
Photo: Tobias Juul Johnson

Good voice Brokhempton created life and touch the island of the festival in 2018.
Photo: Helg Brekke

Artists cost flesh

Oslo Yaya festival also believe in a good result until 2019.

– Thursday left several hundred tickets, otherwise everything will be sold out. Several types of tickets sold record. Nice to see that so many people agree that we have assembled a strong program, says the head of public relations of the festival Jonas Prangerd Oia.

Good Good: Spokesman Øya Festival Prangerdad Jonas says Øya Festival profitable

Also, with the economic aspect of the future looks bright.

– We expect that, as usual, go to plus, – says head of public relations minister Jonas Prangered.

fine artists

But even in the life of Li harmless.

– We have noticed a significant change in the fees for the artists – says Prangerdad.

Public Relations Manager says that the growth – this is a common trend that has developed over the past few years.

"Especially with major artists, we see that the fee increases so that we, as an organizer, risk", – he says.

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