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Google makes the web pages it impossible to see that you are in incognito mode


Google Chrome Incognito Mode browser allows you to browse the internet without allowing websites to store tracking files on your computer.

Mode also does not store browsing history and, therefore, particularly suitable if you use surf on a shared computer or otherwise require browsing without registering locally.

However, Incognito was slit that allowed to visit the sites that you visited that you only use the incognito mode, and now tells the Google that they will be closed until the end of July.

Slots were based on the incognito mode, which blocks a so-called API FileSystem Chrome, and it allowed the website to check it to determine, on the & # 39 is the active mode.

Will keep the incognito private

Some online newspapers that allow you to read a certain number of articles before you sign or pay for a subscription, took advantage of this opening, to completely block the view in incognito mode.

– This model is essentially porous, since it depends on the features of the site to keep track of how many free articles someone read, usually with the help of cookies. Private sorfingavyya modes – is one of several tactics that people use to control their cookies and thus, "dumped" by, the Google writes, noting that there are many good reasons for requiring private browsing, for example, political repression or abuse.

They also say that they are going to work to correct any future methods that allow websites to be noted that the user is in an incognito window.

– Our team news supports websites with strategic strategy payments metrics and recognize the goal of reducing the potential for their conversion, but any approach based on identifying private surfing, undermines the principles of incognito mode. We are open to exploring solutions that correspond to the principles of trust and privacy of the user, the Google writes.

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