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In addition, «Anno 1800" removed from Steam,


A little happier.

( After a number of other players has now been exclusively epic game store lately, he warns Ubisoft, which also «Anno 1800" will be moved over a period of a couple in the store at the start of an epic.

This means that the game becomes only found on an epic Game Store (and Uplay), but Ubisoft is trying not to fall to pieces all the fingers and make sure that all those who pre-ordered the game on Steam, get it out there.

This is a very similar situation as when the "Metro Exodus" was taken on Steam, before you start, but the difference is that you can even pre-buy "the Anno 1800" to on Steam release date and still get it there.

– sale «Anno 1800" will be completed after April 16 a pair, because the publisher decided to make a game exclusively for the other computer & # 39; a computer store, said in a statement on the Steam page for the game.

– publisher has assured us that all the previous sales of the game will be held on Steam and Steam-owners will be able to have access to both the game and all future updates and DLC packs via Steam.

Starting, therefore, on April 16 at the epic Game Store, which is also the day he disappears from Steam.

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