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Jennifer Garner – – It's a compliment becomes a movie star every day


Hollywood star and mother of three children, Jennifer Garner (47) is approaching 50 by leaps and bounds. Nevertheless, it is still a natural beauty, and this week, which adorns her face with the most beautiful people in 2019 "edition of the peoples of the magazine.

HOME GIRL: On your own Insta-story Garner has published a cover photo with the text:
HOME GIRL: On its own Insta-story Garner has posted the cover photo with the text: "I know – I can not believe it." Photo: Capture from Instagram

In this regard, the magazine also did an interview with & # 39; nd a talented actress, and here it shows, among other things, that supplement is often heard from the fans.

– They say that I'm prettier in real life than I do on the screen. I take it as a compliment, she tells people.

And in accordance with the «Alias» star itself, so it is not surprising that she hears how great it is.

– It happens every day, at some point, when I'm out and fix it. I do not know why, but it is certainly a compliment I hear most often.

Besides Garner says she feels incredibly lucky, because the fans are always so sweet to her.

– It seems as though they are looking at me as a former neighbor girl or an old friend, and they want to continue the conversation, I do not know, we had a time share she laughs, according to the website.

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secure education

47-year-old also serves as a guest on «The Ellen DeGeneres Show" this week, and now she says that to cover the front of the peoples, and how she was young.

– I really was not one of the pretty girls who got away uncertainty. I do not see myself as attractive at all. It was not part of my life, it shows the clip from the program.

This is not the first time Jennifer spoke of thoughts around his own appearance. In 2015, Garner admitted that she grew up living so secure that it has received a shock when people called her pretty.

Hollywood star grew up in West Virginia in the United States in the middle of three sisters.

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The parents brought the girl to church every Sunday and made sure that they did not use makeup, bikini, or have your ears pierced before the age of 16 years.

Although Garner ever thought that the rules were a little strict, so she told the magazine Southern Living, she then was very happy that her upbringing was different.

– My mother never went to look high in the list of priorities when we were young, and it sets, I really appreciate that she shared at E News.com !.

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new boyfriend

Jennifer learned that being smart is more important to be beautiful, and I thought, so never over how she looked.

– It was a shock to hear that people call me pretty, when I started in college.

Within ten years, Jennifer Garner married actor-colleague, Ben Affleck (46), but after months of speculation that the marriage is hanging by a thread, confirmed in the summer of 2015, they will be divided.

Together they daughter Vayolyut (13) and Seraphina (10), and son Samuel (7).

Despite the fact that her former husband has recently become single again after on-and-on relationship with the producer of «Saturday Night Live» Lindsay Shukus (38) came to an end earlier this month, Jennifer girlfriend of six years younger businessman, John Miller (41).

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