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The Government believes that calmly allows Facebook and Google to avoid taxes – – News


– I will not rest until companies like Facebook and Google tax in Norway. Income earned in Norway must bring a benefit to society. The calculations that I have seen in 2018 shows that the turnover tax of 3 per cent for Facebook and Google would mean 174 million in tax revenues in Norway, says Tvedt Solberg.

Survey Group M, as the policy of operation indicates that the basis for calculations, concluded that Facebook had 2.3 billion in advertising revenue from the Norwegian market in 2018.

– This makes them one of the largest "off tax brackets adjusted to" in Norway, and the Conservatives with Heidi Nordby Lunde seems unconcerned that such large values ​​disappear from the country, says Parliament Thorstein Twedt Solberg (work).

He recalls the statements Nordby Lund (H), that the Norwegian income tax on digital companies can make Norway less attractive for companies, resulting in double taxation, and that Norway is working in close cooperation with the OECD, to find a common system of taxation.

Tvedt Solberg, who leads a varied job, who are looking at solutions for the tax by including digital companies, though not pan clear proposals on the block.

– The most advanced idea of ​​& # 39 is a sales tax, but it is not an ideal proposal. Here, we believe that Norway should be at the forefront of research and development of several proposals.

It will be more assertive

Works also believes that Norway should wait sur & # 39; oznyh changes in the tax system of the OECD in 2020, present a report on the number of other digital taxation.

– 2020 with & # 39 is right around the corner, and to work with the & # 39 is the most important to put in place international cooperation, because it is the only way we can ensure that it has a real effect. But we also can not rule out the national measures if we do not soon enough international decisions, he said.

– Like the Conservatives, then I suggest you do not introduce new taxes in the near future. What is the difference between you and the Conservatives?

– Heidi Nordby Lunde and I are on different planets. She fears that Facebook is moving, I think that they do not even come close. Both she and the government remains extremely passive on this issue.

-AP sun is particularly active in the debate. Fair to say that the government was passive?

– There are those who are responsible for compliance on this issue. The procedure for Parliament is that they need to take action, he said.

no review

Facebook Norway delivered in 2017. The profit before tax in the amount of 781.693 CZK 919.894 CZK and paid in taxes. Google Norway comes simultaneously with a loss of 2.8 million, after payment of three million tax in Norway.

Today Norway has no overview of how many companies actually serve in the Norwegian market.

– Transparency and accountability of accounting with the & # 39 is a prerequisite for putting in place a good system. We need to make the companies are coming up with revenue figures from each country. The strength they have is they are not interested in giving up, because then they know that, when he looked bad, say the work policy.

Facebook says they restructured operations in such a way that advertising revenue will end up in Norway.

– It does not seem adequate contrast Ap Tvedt Solberg.

You mean we were naive

His clear advice to the government that Norway should be one of the first to implement the recommendations that come from the work of the OECD.

– It will be in the lead and in the same time to put pressure on other countries, especially in those countries that are interested in delaying this process.

Norway, like many other countries, were naive, and we can not even change the digital companies has brought with him, says the Parliament.

– It was not discussed when we were in government. Gradually, we realized that the world has changed with the purchase and sale of physical products that much of the economy with the & # 39 is digital, it concludes.

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