The Trondheim soloist plays Sommerro –


Press release from Surnadal Kulturhus:

There is our complete hall at the annual New Year concert with Trondheim soloists at Surnadal Culture House. This boy may not be enough at night, also because Solist Trondheim has a "local" composition by Henning Sommerro in the playground.

"Local" is seen in hermetics, because "Chrysillis" is a very musical part that follows the hymn Thomas Kingo saying "journey" from Scotland, through Denmark and to Sunndalen. Kingo took over the position of the deceased Danish priest, and casually followed the priesthood. It was Cille Blankenborg, the daughter of the pastor born in Sunndalen, and Kingo more than just overcoming the widow's enthusiasm. He scratched the magnificent love poem "Chrysillis" to him, but they did not last long – Kingo everyone next year. However, cohabitation lasts long enough for Kingo to hear about, and where the mountain signs, the strong sunnah (cf. the text in the hymn "Now the sun is flowing out"). Shepherd by Henning Sommerro in Scottish, Danish and Norwegian music with a deep stop for improvisation in the travel box.

Henning Sommerro wrote "Chrysillis" for Catriona McKay (Scottish harp) and Chris Stout (Shetlandsfele), and two Scottish musicians will play at a concert at Surnadal.

However, both of them are not the only guest musicians. Swedish violinist Cecilia Zilliacus is also involved, and there will also be spell compositions, among others. Sibelius, Britten and Järnefelt at the concert.


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