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& # 39; OT 2018 uel: the Marilia-Noelia duel, CNCO visit and architect # Lo malo & # 39; on the jury | Film and Television

Seventh gala 2018 victory operation came loaded, starting with a big duel starring two night nominations: Marilia and Noelia. Which will be chosen by the public to leave the Academy forever?

Repertory of the Gala 7

This Wednesday, eleven contestants will open the gala with the group theme Don't stop me now, Queen. And then, turn the nominees. Whereas Marilia will interpret Maria drinks on the street, from Pasión Vega, Noelia will fight for her to stay in a joint program Batu Dingin, by Demi Lovato.

On the other hand, Sabela and Miki will sing Don't forget to forget, by Rosana and Carlos Rivera; Julia and Marta, Love above from Beyonce; and Alba and Carlos will interpret Contamination, by Pedro Guerra. Others will sing themselves: Famous, No one but you (Sampson Cesar); Natalia, Flames (David Guetta and Sia); and Maria, I will enter the car (Christina and Subterranean).

Eros Ramazzotti and CNCO, luxury guests

OT will dress up in the seventh gala to receive two international artists. On one side, Italian singer-songwriter Eros Ramazzotti will land on the La 1 program, taking advantage of the fact that on November 23 he publishes his 15th album There is life (Vita ce n è)

On the other hand, CNCO phenomenon he will also take the stage Winning operation to interpret his last single: You arrived.

Brisa Fenoy, fourth member of the jury

Too, Brisa Fenoy will occupy the jury room chair. Throw He, their first single, published in June 2017 and January 2018 Jericho. In the OT universe, he made himself known by the adaptations he made Bad for Aitana and Ana Guerra.

This year he was nominated as the Best New Artist at the LOS40 Music Awards and for the Best Spanish Artist on the MTV EMA 2018.

This week he will give his first concert in Madrid and will be launched his new single: Parriba, a song with a positivism message.

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