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Alan Garcia: Miguel Atala confessed that he gave $ 1.3 million US dollars of Alan Garcia in a few games | ODEBRECHT | Lava Jato | Jorge Barata | policy


Former Vice President Petroperu Miguel Atala He admitted during questioning at the Prosecutor's Office, US $ 1300000 Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht deposited it in Private Banking Andorra actually for the late former President Alan GarciaHe added that he gave all the money to the party leader Aprista in several armed.

According to the website Reporters IDL, Atalay said that in the second half of 2010, Perez Garcia called him and asked him to visit at the State Palace, where they met alone and took coffee.

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"In these circumstances, I said that I had the money in the account [la] Investment offshore company Ammarin INC was his money, and please take the money gradually, so after this meeting, I began to take the money of former President Alan Garcia Perez. For the first time in the approximate amount of US $ 20,000.00 US $ 30,000.00 dollars, and thus gradually bringing the money he was a former president Alan García, Whenever I needed money I received a call before the phone and quoted different places, I gave the money at different times and places, such as the Palace de-Gobierno, house the first was in the urbanization Las Casuarinas Surco, and then the house is located in Miraflores , government Institute at the University of San Martin de Porres, in other places, "he said.

Atala said Garcia money supply between 2010 and 2018.

"I gave the money I had in my personal file, which was offset by assets that were previously deposited on my bank account Ammarin Investment INC in Private Banking Andorra, where the money BPA to achieve for me it was postponed on account of my property Scotiabank branch in Panama , after which the money was transferred to a private bank account in Lima, "he said.

At the beginning of the court session on Tuesday in which the judiciary must assess the detention request against Luis Joshua, the former General Secretary of the Presidium, the prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez published that Atala filed a confession two statements made on 26 and 29 April.

Perez paraphrase, in the sense of the investigative procedure against the former vice-president of Petroperu and asked that the house arrest for 36 months.

He also called Termination of pre-trial detention of Samir Atala Nemi, son of the former official, Antonio Nava and Mendiola that Odebrecht also transferred money. They both welcomed the sincere recognition.

Nave Mendiola, who was appointed as the builder code name «Bandido» to return to Peru on 7 May.

Judge Juan Carlos Sanchez Balbuena admitted the request of the prosecutor and ordered Atal her to leave the courtroom.

This newspaper tried to contact Erasmo Reyna, who was the lawyer of former president Alan Garcia. However, this does not answer our calls.

Former Vice President Petroperu Miguel Atala He said that in late 2007, during a business meeting, Nava Guibert suggested to be an agent of "offshore" in Andorra.

He said he told his then-secretary general of the Palace of government that the money that he will hand over was of legal origin.

Atala said that in September 2006, after the forum FIESP in São Paulo, Nava pointed out that the money he donated to the "offshore" in Andorra was actually for Alan Garcia.

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