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Divorce ends the finances of people older than 50 years in the US | world


On the one hand, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his ex-wife Mackenzie Bezas – nothing special.

At the end of their divorce this month they join the millions of Americans who are separated in middle age. Since 1990, the number of divorces in the 50-fold increase in half.

However, both of & # 39 is one of the few former partners after the divorce to keep their funds with respect to harmful. Jeff continues to & # 39 is the richest man in the world, with a net value of 123.1 billion US dollars, and the Mackenzie -.. 39.7 billion, according to Bloomberg Billionaire Index. Amazon shares rose by 19% since the declaration of the end of their 25-year marriage in January.

There are few things more destructive than divorce. Even the rich can save both economically and emotionally. Academic studies indicate serious & # 39; a serious impact on health.

In the 2009 article notes that novazluchanyh or divorced adult blood pressure rises. Last year, a German study found that "divorce came with significant weight gain over time, especially in men."

Separation after 50 years of what is called "gray divorce" can be especially dangerous to the emotional and financial health, much worse than doing it at a young age. A wave of new research determines the amount of damage.

"This sura & # 39; oznaya picture", – said Susan Brown, State University professor of sociology "Bowling Green" and co-director of the National Research Center of the family & # 39; and and marriage, which brought many new results. According to one study, people who have gone through divorce gray, report higher levels of depression than those whose husbands have died.

The economic consequences are even tougher. As more and more children's marriages end boomers, sometimes the second or third time, they lose their finance to unprecedented levels. "Getting gray divorce – it's a big financial shock," – said Brown.

If you are divorced after 50 years, be prepared to decrease your wealth by about 50%, Brown and his colleagues found in an unpublished investigation, which analyzed longitudinal review of the 20,000 Americans who were born before 1960. surprise, after all, any divorce is to separate some resources & # 39; and.

But revenues also fell after a series of divorce, especially in the case of women. The researchers analyzed the standard of living (income adjusted by family size & # 39; s), reflecting the fact that an adult who lives alone need less income than a single father with two children.

They found that when women are divorced after 50 years, the standard of living falls by 45%. This is more or less double the reduction in falls, as shown in previous studies of young divorced women.

After the divorce, the elderly are falling standard of living by 21%. a small or negligible impact of divorce on young men's earnings have been identified in previous studies.

What is even more alarming is the fact that older people do not recover from these financial crises. Brown and his colleagues were able to monitor the finances of the respondents in ten years after the divorce.

"Not a significant recovery in the wealth front," – he explained. "Not a significant recovery in living standards."

At the end of your car & # 39; EASURES, older Americans simply do not have time to cancel the financial destruction associated with divorce. Women who spent many years in the house taking care of children, have difficulties with the entry into the workforce.

At retirement age, they may be in a desperate situation. Another study by Brown and her colleagues in 2017 showed that American women who have reached six years of age and older who have experienced a number of divorces have poverty in 27% more than in any other age group, including the widows, and nine . two times more than the number of couples who remain married.

Senior division generations in poverty and divorce

General divorce rates in the United States are reduced, despite the fact that the number of divorces after 50 years of increases. The reason lies in the separation of generations: 20 Americans, 30 and 40 are delayed, and in some cases passed marriage. Those who are married are more likely to stay together.

Meanwhile, baby boomers, which led to an increase in divorce rates since the 1970's, continue to divorce at higher levels as they age.

Boom tendency to division, along with the aging of the US population, means that in the coming years are still many gray streaks will be registered in the country.

Even if the number of gray streaks will remain the same until 2030, Americans will breed every year until 2030, it is estimated that Brown and his colleague, I-Fen Lin. This is almost 30% more than in 2010, and four times more than the 206 000 elderly people who were divorced in 1990.

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