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Clarification: This report was published a few months before the pandemic, in 2019, when Professor Juan Cadilla attended a keynote address at the Huampani Recreation Center.

Student Juan Raul Cadilla Leon, who is sitting on one of the wooden folders at the school of Santa Rosa de Viter in Keszcza, is sad. He wants to play a leather ball player when he gets home, he wants to climb a few new trees that bloomed after the 1970 earthquake, and he wants to see on the only television in his area in Huaraz that futuristic device that no one else has : Atari 1984. “He was very playful, I would say, even distracted.”– he says – in the afternoon in June 2019, waiting for a taxi in front of the SUE of Our Lady of Guadalupe. He was not yet the Minister of Education, but already had the appearance: very well-polished shoes, a shirt with a sailor’s collar, a dark blue suit. “But while I was watching TV at the neighbors’ house, I thought, how can I make my own video game?”. Thirty years later, incense student Leon was ranked among the top 50 teachers in the world according to The Global Teacher Prize 2017. 20,000 applicants from 179 countries were presented.

Never underestimate that restless boy who thinks only of breaks.

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While we drive to Huampani where the professor Juan Incense Leon he will deliver a keynote address on the IX meeting of leading teachers, key to supporting the global project Aula Digital, Fundación Telefónica and Fundación Bancaria La Caixa, have time to talk. He is not yet part of the technical group of the ruling party Lib Libre, and is not a key figure in education. Of course, he is already an exemplary teacher: in 2015, he received a master’s degree in the master’s degree – an award that Minedu presents to the most outstanding teachers in Peru. And a year earlier, he became the “Teacher who leaves a mark in 2014”, a social initiative of the Interbank together with Minedu.

Can I ask you a few questions, Professor? Rhythm Romance and a monstrous symphony sound on the Via de Evolution.

-Yes, of course. Sir, turn down the music a little so I can listen.

Then he says that teaching children to children is more difficult than to adults because the former need to be persuaded, talked to and helped. As a method of introduction, he offers to “come up and shake hands one after the other” with assistants in class when they are adults. This allows, in his experience, the student to open the teacher up close, go down to the plain, not to the chair. “The teacher is not the one who comes just to put a note, but to support.” He prefers to walk the corridors left in folders, ask direct questions with the name he remembers, stop at an argument when it flares up in class. Believe in technology as a door to develop the ingenuity of teens, not to enslave them. For this reason, he says in this taxi, which is slowly moving along the Priola, that “a mobile phone today is the key to communication”, but he needs “rules, schedule, vigilance”.

In fact, your child has already lost 3.

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I walk along the Ramir-Priale highway, the aggressive summer river Rymak as a satellite, and when a taxi carrying three people sees five vibrating cell phones, Professor Cadilla teaches:

– It is scientifically proven that from zero to five years, cell phones overstimulate the child’s brain. Why do we see so many little ones we call “hyperactive” but when we ask them something, they almost don’t answer?

Juan Cadilla, the new Minister of Education in the government of Pedro Castillo.
Juan Cadilla, the new Minister of Education in the government of Pedro Castillo.

Today Juan Cadilla is 49 years old. Journalist Laura Urbina, an El Comercio correspondent in Ancashi, has seen for almost a decade how she works at the Jesus Nazaren Junior and Primary School, located in the Shankayan district of Independence, in Huaraz province. There he teaches 140 children to kindergarten and elementary school. Today, he has more chances: to teach more than 33 million Peruvians, the entire population of the country, according to INEI, that an educated country is a possible country.

This afternoon in 2019 and for three hours he delivered a keynote speech on the need to develop students ’digital skills. In front of 925 teachers from 20 regions of the country, he highlighted the “Competition 28” present this year in the school curriculum and which seeks to open, manage and create a virtual environment for students.

After the dynamics, Juan Cadillac the photo is made for the descendants. Selfie. “Can you imagine students learning programming and thus creating their own video games on the history of Peru, for example?” This photo – and this phrase – is the message: in Huampani, a place in Peru that pays so little and so badly to its teachers, this teacher is treated like a rock star. This image is still great news. //

It was the oath of the Bellido cabinet


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