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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds it is a title that has gained popularity with justice. What started as a small Initial Access on the platform Steam , became a revelation to be successful Battle Royale. Furthermore, Epic Games he will also launch his own video game in this way Fortnite free of charge, so start the war between the two because of being Battle Royale most played in the world.

Now, with the presence of competitors in the latest generation consoles and on PC, PUBG He is against the wall to expand his title on another platform. For a long time, it was reported that it would be available on other devices, but recently this information was confirmed by the same developer.

After making his debut at Xbox, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds it will reach PlayStation 4 in physical and digital format in a very short time. This announcement is made through an official account PUBG and PlayStation together to create maximum impact on their players.

Will it be the same game as in PC? Will there be more objects to open? In this article we will review all that will be brought PUBG for PS4 , the launch date, price and all news about it.

PUBG release date for PS4

PlayStation and the same Bluehole has confirmed that starting December 7, 2018, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will be available in virtual stores PlayStation Store and to order in physical format in most official store products Sony

Some people consider this date too late Sony, arguing that a year ago it was Microsoft save the title as exclusive to Xbox One in the console world. At present we only need to wait to make a comparison between the two versions.

PUBG prices for PS4

PUBG will have a total price $ 30 roughly for physical and digital versions. In Peru, the price can range from 110 to 130 soles, considering currency changes and some tax transfers from official stores.

News from PUBG for PS4 that you won't find on a PC or Xbox One

What benefits will be played PUBG in PS4 which we will not find PC not really Xbox One? First of all what is clear: analog control Dualshock will give you a very different experience from a PC keyboard and mouse or Xbox Controller from Microsoft

So far it is known that it will have all content from other versions without exception. However, it is inside PlayStation, the company is expected to place exclusive elements from its catalog in it PUBG to distinguish

That's why if the game is reserved from the edition " Looter Edition", there will be a prize from Sony which will consist of Desert Costumes Nathan Drake from the series Uncharted. To make matters worse, it also adds that those who get the game before the release will have Ellie bag from Level 2 from the series The Last of Us.

This aesthetic element will be the first step to a long list of exclusive objects that we can find PUBG for PS4 and not in other versions.

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