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Star mine Anglo American in Chile seeks to deal with a drop in production | economy


Anglo American has started the process of environmental permits for the project in the amount of US $ 3000 million, which aims to support the extraction of copper star in Los Brones in Chile.

Integrated project Los Bronces (LBI), which, according to the company promises to not affect the glaciers, biodiversity and do not increase the use of water in the area of ​​cardiac areas near the capital of Chile, will be partly carried out with underground mining.

"LBI with & # 39 is an initiative to replace the low-grade ore to another with a higher copper content, in order to maintain the current production level of deposits", – the company said on Friday.

Several mining companies in Chile are working on modernization projects to counter the demolition of the mineral content of their deposits.

"Anglo-American" is not predicted if the resolution may be approved, after which it must be submitted for approval.

"We are convinced that this proposal, which provides co-existence of the interests of all participants in the mountainous region.

Los Bronces expansion has been under the microscope of social groups and authorities due to concerns about its impact on the territory of Sant & # 39; Yaga.

Copper director of foul Haney added that the plan was "a & # 39 is the best option for the development of mining from an environmental and social point of view."

Project consists of two parts, one of which extends continuously in operation, for example, the current open car & # 39; EPA, and the second – underground mining, which will replace about 20% of the resource ct & # 39; EPA and will operate at an average depth of 660 meters from surface.

The underground operation will be under the North-East nature reserve Erba-Locke. Anglo-American Sur, mainly from the production of "Los Bronces", reached in 2018 422 200 tonnes of copper. "English" from the & # 39; is a partner in the initiative of the state giant Codelco.

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