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Amateur Astronomer Ken Lawson Captures photos of the International Space Station in front of the moon


Amateur astronomer was able to take a snapshot of the International Space Station as it passed the moon. Ken Lawson took a simple camera, handheld telescope, and eight years of waiting.

( Ken Lawson )

An amateur astronomer from Australia successfully captures the perfect picture of the International Space Station before the month.

Ken Lawson with Zheraldtona, Western Australia, it was reported a Web site called CalSky, the transit of the ISS. This site contains information about the astronomical observations and information online calculator.

Accuracy and perfect Timing

March 14 Lawson was able to capture the ISS gesture between the Moon and Earth in perfect light. The place where he took the photo was only five minutes from his house. While he used only a conventional camera with a & # 39 is a Canon 5D Mark IV, and manual telescope eight inches, this process is far from simple. In fact, he had been waiting eight years for this perfect photo.

"You have to be exactly in the right aisle," says Lawson, The Guardian Australia. "It's like a total eclipse."

ISS total length of 100 meters and 72 meters in width. It moves at a speed of about 27,600 km / hr, and orbits about 300 km to 435 km above the Earth's surface. If it passes the moon, it takes about 0.3 seconds, when viewed from the Earth. Such numbers make capturing the perfect picture is very difficult.

Despite the apparent complexity of the activities, Lawson believes that it is possible for any avid to achieve such a feat.

what next

Lawson quite pleased with the reaction he gets from the perfect photograph he took. Now, with its simple camera and a $ 500 telescope, he is ready to take the next adventure.

For him, there is always one more thing, is waiting in the deep sky to be captured. In fact, he said that just a week before that, the ISS passed the sun. He tried to take a picture of that too, but it was washed away.

childhood dream

Lawson interest for space and photography dates back from the time when he was still a child. He recalls that his father was a photographer, and his room was used as a darkroom of his father.

At the age of 8 years, he was able to capture a photo of Saturn, which he describes as a blurred and shaky. After this event, he never looked back and sat down to this day.

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