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Elvis "life": A policeman says a mysterious photo "proof" of the King alive


Veteran police officer turned the dead rock star investigator spoke of mysterious pictures that convinced him to Elvis Presley died.

When the king of rock 'n' roll died while in the bathroom of his Memphis home Graceland August 6, 1977, he was only 42 years.

While his star substantially lost within a few years of intense overeating and drug abuse, which, according to journalist Tony Sherman made it into "a grotesque caricature of his sleek, energetic past", his death was just unbelievable to some.

Monte Nicholson, a veteran employee of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department for 19 years, with a & # 39 is one of them.

Elvis Presley, around 1955, 22 years before his death

Shortly after the death of Elvis retired policeman approached by a man who claimed to have worked with the iconic singer.

Speaking of the 1990 documentary Elvis Files Monte He described in the 1977 meeting.

Monte Nicholson approached by a man with a couple of interesting photos

"One day he came to work and had photos of Elvis Presley to get in the helicopter, which was similar to a government helicopter," said Monte.

"There were people around Elvis also get into a helicopter that looked like what we often see depicted as government agents, with a blazer and a wire in his ear, and what is not.

Heavy consumption took its toll on Elvis in his later years

"This image is not in itself particularly suspect as it is well known that Elvis himself was involved as an honorary police officer with many police departments across the country.

"The most interesting thing interesting thing about this image is that this man claimed it was taken a few hours after Elvis supposedly died."

Graceland – Elvis taken the place of death among those who does not think that he is still alive

Intrigued by the possibility of Elvis fake his death, Monte contacted the man and asked to see the photos again.

He denied that they are first before changing his mind and ask for money to see the images.

Monte arranged a meeting with a mysterious contact and arrived at the agreed time and place, only to find an empty property with a person no where to be seen.

Maybe the king of rock 'n' roll is still alive?

Despite the fact that no one person, no photographs were ever seen, and that his word was the only evidence that the photos were taken after the death of Elvis, Monte was inspired to write a book about the meeting.

Presley song was published in 1987 and was required to prove the wild allegations that Elvis was, in fact, still alive.

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