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Ethereum May Surge 35% to $ 200 in the short term than to feed him?


During the last month the price Ethereum (ETH) has increased from $ 126 to $ 140, more than 11 percent against the US dollar.

Just as some strategists expect that the price of Bitcoin increase significantly if it is to punch & # 39; ie the resistance level of $ 4,200 in the near future, traders anticipate Ethereum growth as a greater than $ 200, if it bounces more important levels.

$ 148 for Ethereum with & # 39 is the key

In accordance with the technical trader cryptocurrency recognized community as ¬ęThe Crypto Dog," Ethereum cost may exceed $ 200 when it goes off at $ 148, and continues to demonstrate the dynamics in the coming weeks.

However, a potential scenario in which Ethereum rises to $ 200 conditional that she would have to get out of the level of resistance he was struggling to test, starting in February.

One positive indicator for the short-term price trend Ethereum with & # 39 is the strong performance of alternative cryptocurrencies.

During the last 24 hours, in such tokens Bibox token, Tezos, Iona, Waltonchain and Aeternity recorded profit in the range from 5 to 65 percent relative to the US dollar.

Congestive Bitcoin price trend suggests that the new inflow of capital does not come in and available capital on the market cryptocurrency flows into alternative cryptocurrencies.

A growing number of investors in the capital allocation cryptocurrency in higher-risk alternatives like tokens and low cryptocurrencies market capitalization shows the change sentiment around short-term performance in the market.

On Saturday, Alex Krueger economist said that the bear market was more cryptographic January and that Bitcoin moving above $ 4200 will mark the end of a bearish trend Bitcoin, as well.

"Krypto the bear market was over within three months. BTC breaking above $ 4200 will mark the end of the bearish trend that began in January 2018. Going to miss this kid, "he said, adding that" this is not a challenge. It is not a question of aging is good or not. A break above $ 4,200 technically ending the downward trend that began Jan 2018 Facts do not care about the opinion. "

Historically, many alternative cryptographic assets followed the movement of prices Ethereum, recording movement intensified on the basis of trends in the second most valuable digital assets in the global market.

However, in recent weeks, began to show cryptocurrencies independent price movements, which show that the astral can be subject to short-term fall, although alternative cryptocurrencies continue to rise in price.

Not everything is clear as

Ethereum potentially escape from the $ 200 and Bitcoin breaking out of a 15-month bearish trend for all contingencies and certain levels of resistance must be broken in the next few weeks.

Bitcoin has not broken any of the key resistance level for the past three months, and when he first tried to do it in the last month, he immediately fell to $ 3,800.

"That's the other side: Bitcoin is not violated a superior level of resistance also on & # 39; the volume only so so. We have not seen a real breakthrough yet, there is no confirmation, "analyst He said.

Thus, many traders remain cautious optimism in the medium-term trend cryptocurrencies, waiting for a potential break above key resistance levels and the ability of dominant cryptographic dive support levels.

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