Kingston men face charges of child pornography from police


Kingston police have accused a local man of several violations of child pornography following an investigation that began in late June.

This accusation comes from an ongoing project from the Kingston Police Internet Children Exploitation Unit. This project aims to detect and monitor file-sharing networks related to child pornography.

During their investigation on June 23, researchers found a child pornographic digital file suspected on a computer with a local IP address connected to one of the networks.

On July 18, researchers received judicial authorization to identify internet service customers connected to the computer. Subscriber information addresses Kingston.

On November 2, a search warrant was executed in the subscriber's residence.

At the residence of the researchers found many digital devices and storage media capable of storing large amounts of data. Early forensic examinations revealed evidence in the form of video files, and other evidence showing that other files of child pornography were known to have been owned by the man at one point.

A 50-year-old man is accused of making child pornography available, possessing child pornography, and accessing child pornography. He was detained overnight to attend a guarantee trial on Tuesday.

Forensic examination of many of the defendant's devices continued.

– Standard Whig


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