Lollapalooza reduces DaBaby’s performance after homophobic comments DaBaby

Lalapaluza canceled rapper DaBaby’s Chicago performance on Sunday because, according to the music festival, it was “based on diversity, inclusiveness, respect and love”.

The rapper came under fire for homophobic comments during a performance in Florida last week.

“If you didn’t show up today with HIV, AIDS or any of the deadly sexually transmitted diseases that will lead you to death in two to three weeks, then put a lighter for your mobile,” he told Rolling Loud Miami. .

“Guys, if you’re not sucking dick in the parking lot, put a lighter on your cell phone!”

Artists, including Elton John, Demi Lovata, Madonna and Dua Lipa, who collaborated with DaBaby, condemned the remarks.

John said these remarks “cause stigmatization and discrimination”.

“HIV has affected more than 70 million people worldwide,” he said. “Men, women, children and the most vulnerable people in our communities.

“In America, a gay-black man has a 50% lifetime chance of contracting HIV. Stigma and shame around HIV and homosexuality are the main drivers of this vulnerability. We need to destroy myths and opinions, not set them on fire.

“… Homophobic and HIV dreams have no place in our society and industry, and as musicians, we need to spread compassion and love for the most marginalized people in our communities. The musician’s task is to bring people together. “

Lalapaluza hosted a four-day event at Grant Park in Chicago, attracting a huge number of people. On Sunday, concert attendees were expected to demonstrate evidence of vaccination against Covid-19 or a negative test to gain access.

DaBaby, 29, was born Jonathan Lindale Kirk. He appeared to apologize in a video released Wednesday. The message reads: “Don’t fight hatred. My apologies for being the same as you want the freedom to be yourself. “

In a January 2020 interview with the Guardian, which described him as “PT Barnum of bop,” DaBaby said, “I like to open the envelope and get creative. I’m a high-level performer.” [it’s about] how can i take this to another level. I try not to be calm about music or performances. I have to keep it fresh.

The article also discussed “a darker stripe that inevitably overshadows discussions about it: the saddest incident at the end of 2018, when … A 19-year-old boy was killed in North Carolina’s Walmart while DaBaby went shopping with his then-year-old … an old daughter, her mother and a five – year – old mother ‘s son from a previous relationship.

“He said in a video on the Internet that he acted in self-defense after a gun was pulled at him, and eventually the state dropped the charges against the rapper for possession of concealed weapons.”

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