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Questions remain as light PNP data show that Duterta directly in a tough fight against crime


Palace: The United Nations investigation into the matters of the war in narkotykovnay Dutertse obvious

Other statistics in January 2017 in Vista Verde subdivision in Kaluokan victim of the drug war distracted from home. – Photo Request

MANILA, Philippines – At the rally in April 2016 in Kaynta, a town in the province Riza, near the Philippines capital Manila, a presidential candidate Rodrigo Duerte used two words to describe how he would fight against crime – to press and stop.

"I really can not stop, how to place a stop (crime)," – he said, referring to the crime. "So far, there is a society, in a society there are men and women and children, there will always be crime. When I talk about repression, it is really stopped, "- said Duerte thousands who came to the share of the company to see the then candidate who even on the scene worried his tough talk and explosives.

"Now, if you really want to get my order to shoot them," – he said Duerte referring to criminals. "If you are sued, say that the budget is Duterte. Turn Duerte as he ordered, "- then said the candidate, previewing how it will command the police to fight crime, when he becomes president.

Three years later, after he uttered those words, the hard Duterta approach to the fight against crime is working, when the data of the Philippine National Police (PNP) will be used as a basis.

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According PNP, about & # 39; volume crimes in 2016 was reduced by at least 12.34%, although the period covered by the data contained several months remaining in the post Duterte precursor Ninoy Aquino-III.

According to the PNP, in 2017 about the & # 39; the amount of crime in comparison with 2018, followed a year fell by another 6.17 percent. This has led to 490,393 offenses. From January to May 2019, this expense has been reduced to 191,808.

In another set of data, the Ministry of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), which controls the CAG also said that on the & # 39; the amount of crime dropped by 11 percent – from 488 644 cases in the period from July 2017 to June 2018 to 438 496 from July 2018 to June 2019.

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"We are on the right track," – said Brig. The Director-General Bernard cans representative PNP, in an interview with & # 39; nd

Cans, said what happened to the police, "continued significant reduction" in crime across the country. According to him, the first three years Duerte administration, the situation in the peace of order and conditions of the Philippines was "very good", with the exception of several terrorist attacks in Mindanao, who are still in a state of martial law.

The index of "less" crime neindeksalnyya

The same data also showed that in the first three years of the administration Duterta fewer indicators and neindeksalnyh crimes.

index crimes or crimes against persons and property are considered more serious & # 39; serious. Some examples – murder, murder, rape, robbery, injury, theft, noise, cattle and car theft. Neindeksatsyynyya crime – all the others, are not defined as indicators of a violation of special laws and local ordinances.

PNP data showed that the total number of indicators of crime in 2016 was 445,306; 413103 in 2017 (7.8 percent); 2018 408980 in godu (only 1.008 percent reduction); and 164.210 from January to May 2019.

In 2016 neindeksnye crimes totaled 139,577; 107.538 in 2017 (at 29.79 per cent reduction); 81.413 in 2018 (to 32.09 percent); and 27588 from January to May this year.

However, the data cover the January-June 2016, when Aquino was still president.

The efficiency of processing crime "rise"

Banac said that while the number of crimes committed less, and what he calls as the prevention of crime and the effectiveness of decision-making "increases".

"Even more crimes solved very quickly", – Banac said.

The police have such determination of actions to be taken in cases of crimes. It cleared, meaning that the case was filed against the suspects who are still at large. It decided if the suspect or the suspect was put under arrest and charged.

PNP data showed that the total number of crimes in 2016, at least 407,480 have been identified as cleared or success rate in 69.67 percent. In the same year, PNP said that at least 333.558 cases were resolved or success rate – 57.03%. In 2018 their number was 417569 and it was decided to 364,950.

In the current 2019, PNP said that at least 165 453 crimes were released from the success of more than 86 percent, and at least 151 988, it was decided to achieve success in almost 80 per cent.

Banac says it is rather the identification of suspects. "We can immediately identify the suspects, and the level of increase," – he said. "More easily detect suspects, investigators with the help of the community", – he said.

Or displayed these figures what is happening on the streets, Banac pointed out polling stations Social & # 39; I (SWS) in February 2019, which states that the majority of Filipinos now see fewer drug addicts in their areas.

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He also cited another survey of the SWS, published in January 2019, which shows that 37 percent of adult Filipinos feel that their life has improved.

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"If you are talking about the quality of life that includes safety and security", – Banac said. "This is a performance that we are on the right track. We get positive. "

Drugs are other crimes

Jars noted that the criminal police force attached to the reduction in the number of drug addicts in the country, since it is believed that drug addiction and other crimes directly "linked".

He struggles with drugs, and you too are struggling with other crimes. It automatically, he added.

With this guiding principle, Banac said that the PNP switched strategy in order to focus on drugs that provide drugs that cause addiction even in the poorest parts of the Philippines. At the same time, according to the cans, the police also reduces other crimes.

"But there will always be crime with different motives," – said cans. "Most of these motifs with a & # 39 are personal, and some of the economic, as in the theft and robbery", – he added.

Narushenni, human rights violations

However, the impressive number of police will not protect against charges of violations of their actions in the field of combating crime, such as human rights violations.

Only on July 11 last year, the UN Human Rights Council (UNHCR) adopted a resolution under the direction of Iceland, which calls for a fact-finding dedicated murder murder and rights violations in the Philippines that have arisen as a result of the bloody company Duerte against drugs.

One of the triggers that loaded the ammunition into a weapon of human rights defenders, including members of the UN Human Rights Committee, was the murder of a three-year girl during an operation to combat drug police in the town of Rodriguez, Province Ryzal, on 29 June. Or about two weeks before the OD UNHCR received this message. During the same operation, a policeman was killed, and forensic investigation showed that his gun – the source of the bullets that found their mark on the child.

As a result of the murder of a child, which his father was allegedly killed by suspected trigger, was used as a human shield, the chief of PNP Oscar Albayalde urged to revise the rules of police cooperation. Questions such as why the police fired even after the girl in front of her father-pushers canceled.

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Cans, said that allegations of human rights violations take place with Police area.

"We can not be accused of human rights violations", – he said. "Being in law enforcement, where we were given the authority to carry weapons and use of force, there are situations when our police have to do to protect themselves," – said cans. "When? When the suspects resisted and express violent resistance."

The PNP no tolerance for violations of anti-crime operations, such as human rights violations, said Banach.

According to him, the respect for human rights with the & # 39 is part of the police policy. "We are investigating them, pursue them and blame, too," – said Banac, discussing police protocol address to the suspects who were taken alive.

Head of the Strategic Communications Division of the Human Rights Commission, said Mark Syapno that too general police report on suspects who were killed due to the fact that they fired first, should be tested in the courts.

"We understand that it is necessary to find a balance between law enforcement and protection of human rights", – said Syapno. But, he said, the only way to achieve that balance – it's "better transparency of police operations."

However, transparency seems to be hit by bullets and those who demand greater accountability, and officials Duterte, who deny the allegations of summary or extra-judicial killings as the exaggerated claims of groups or individuals who seek to Duterty fall. TNG claimed that transmits the report on police operations, especially those that lead to the murder suspects in the Prosecutor General's Office, which has not yet fully complied with the order of the Supreme Court on the transfer of these documents.

Bar & # 39; EASURES, goals

Cans, said that in the long-distance combat crime police waiting for other obstacles. These included a lack of modern equipment to deal with the fact that the said cans, when criminals are becoming more "complex".

"We need more equipment, more air resources and marine resources", – said cans.

According to him, in the department of political prisoners and staff "TNG" too lacking in technology, "the country's population, which is about 107 million people", is still significantly lower. "" We just 187,901 people. If we take the ratio, it is a very small percentage, "- said cans.

"It remains a challenge for us," – he said.

Nevertheless, obstacles or not, Banac said that the PNP is still committed to its fight against crime.

"We aim high," he said. "We want the Philippines to the drug until 2022," – said Banac, referring to last year Duerte. "We want to reduce crime, to a level at which our people can say that they feel safe and secure when they come."

Also, according to the cans, PNP seeks high, because he wanted people to "just say that they approve of the government campaign" against crime. In the case that a president who takes confidence rating of at least 80 percent in the first half, cans dream may not be so impossible.

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