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Single mother's heart-rending words of two young sons after her cancer return


Devastated young mother showed her greatest fear after she had said this week her colon cancer returned – just three months after receiving the last post.

Single mom Tanya Davis, 32, said her most worried about what will happen to her two boys, Jack, aged eight, and Ben 14, when it passes.

On Saturday evening, Tanya sat her children and asked them promised her, "they will always take care of each other," if something happened to her.

They swore they were – but did not fully understand the cause of the heart-rending.

The day before, the doctors dealing Tanya bomb that her cancer has returned and spread throughout her body in just six weeks, according to the Chronicle Live.

She admits that she & # 39 is "petrified".

Tanya said: "I'm worried about what might happen to my children if anything happens

Its first symptom is pain in the abdomen

"I just want to know that they will be okay."

Tanya originally was a simple stomach ache – but X-rays, scans and blood tests are not able to provide answers.

She said, "My stomach was swollen, I was nine months pregnant.

"I was diagnosed with a cyst of the stomach, but the cyst does not prevent you from going to the toilet.

"The more days to continue, the more pain I was in."

Tanya said she was in agony, and finally she went under the knife – and the surgeon discovered a tumor behind her bowel.

More than 40,000 Britons are diagnosed with bowel cancer in the year, but it is more common for older men and occurs much less frequently in young women.

"Unfortunately, I have a one-in-a million," she admits.

Tanya asked his sons promise they will always look for each other

Now Newcastle East End rallying behind Asda employee and the company was established to raise money to send Tanya and her boy on vacation.

The initial goal of £ 500 has been broken for a few days.

Friend, Tanya Armstrong, said: "She's a wonderful person, calm and kind, who would never really expect from anyone.

"This is the only way we know how to help, and we just want to, if it is suffering to make it easier for her," added Tanya and her mother herself. "

Before Christmas, Tanya thought her nightmare was over – as she was told her cancer disappeared after surgery, and 17 rounds of chemotherapy.

However, tests show that has now spread to other countries, including her pelvis and liver.

She added: "I have told medical personnel as they gutted.

"I hope for the treatment and begin chemotherapy, but they have stopped looking for drugs.

"But I'm petrified to die."

She had to see the doctor this week to discuss the next step, while a variety of fundraising events taking place in the coming weeks.

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