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Witnesses, relatives are «tokhang» shootings in the style of Negros killing


Police in the province of Negros punished their victims «tokhang» style during Saturday's pre-dawn raids, which killed 14 people in the city of Canlaon and Manjuyod and Sta. Catalina town, according to the seven & # 39; families and witnesses.

Provincial Police Director, Senior Supt. Raul Tacaca described killed by suspected communist rebels, including guerrillas or urban militants linked to foil attacks against government forces.

Tacaca said that those who died fighting off arrest teams from PNPA Regional Public Safety Battalion, Special Forces action, various police stations and the Philippine Army. He said that one policeman was injured by a bullet in the buttocks.

Fifteen people were arrested, including a local leader Gabriela Corazon Javier, and taken to the headquarters of the provincial police Canlaon city.

The arrested women leaders, Corazon Javier Gabriele (left, in brown) and Azucena Garubat, treasurer Nagahuisang Mag-uuma with Panubigan. Photo courtesy KARAPATAN Negros

But in an interview with & # 39; nd with workers rights, Seven & # 39; and killed and arrested described the scene as that Metro Manila poor have witnessed three years of severe repression of President Rodrigo Datert on street vendors and drug users.

Police officers had their faces covered and at least one attack, wearing eye shades in the dead of night. They ordered other people from their homes. The suspects were cornered, without arms, and then shot as soon as the relatives were out of sight.

Husband detained treasurer Nagahuisang Mag-uuma with Panubigan, Azucena Garubat, he claimed police planted two grenade at his home. The local branch of the rights group KARAPATAN gave ABS-CBN News access to Notes.

San – Carlos Bishop Gerardo Alminaza, whose diocese covers the affected town, said some of those killed belong to the church's mission station in Masulog. The attendant was in Canlaon parish was among those detained and some of them were not shown a warrant, he added.

"We demand a quick investigation on the matter and refer to our public authorities, to restore peace and order," the bishop said.

Commission on Human Rights (CHR), told reporters Sunday he will investigate the murder of a weekend.

Farmer Kin

Eight suspected insurgents were killed in Canlaon City turned farmer Keane leaving close to each other in clusters of houses. KARAPATAN Negros identified them as Edgardo Avelino, 59, farmer, resident of the city of Carmen, Brgy. Panubigan and chairman Hukom (Hugpong Kusog Mag-uuma with Canlaon); his younger brother Ismail Avelino, 53 Habal-Habal driver, a resident of the City of Carmen, Brgy. Panubigan and member Hukom and Nagahuisang MAG-uuma with Panubigan l Namapa; Melchor Pañares, 67, a farmer, a resident of the City Tigbahi, Brgy. Bayog; and his son Mario Pañares, 46, as well as a farmer; Rogelio Ricomuno, 52, a farmer, a resident of the City Manggata, Brgy. Masulog-1; Ricky Ricomuno, 28, a farmer; Gonzalo Rosales, 47, a farmer and resident of Proper Brgy. pool; Genes and Palmares, 54, farmer, resident Proper Brgy. Aquino.

Habal-Habal driver and peasant leader Franklen Lariosa and Anoj Enojo Rapada were killed in Sta. Catalina town. In Manjuyod, among those killed were Velentin Acabal with Brgy. Kandabong and Sonny Palagtiw with Brgy. Pansiao, both of barangay chiefs in their villages; Steve Arapoc and Manulo Martin.

In the room where Ismael Avelino was killed. Photo courtesy KARAPATAN Negros

Ismael's wife, Leonora in Avelino, 46, said she was at home with the victim and four young children when the state forces arrived around 2:30 am after a knock, they kicked in the door, until she disappeared, she said.

She told the workers' rights were at least six armed men dressed in camouflage with a green ribbon in her hands. "All of them wore masks and others wore shades to cover their eyes," said the note KARAPATAN defendants.

Leonora said she and the child were ordered to lie face down first and then dragged outside the house. They just came out when they heard three shots.

My wife said she screamed, but was ordered to remain silent officers. They were taken to a few meters from the house. At 6 o'clock in the morning, her son, Christian asked why his father was not brought from home.

She said that the ambulance arrived at 7 am, and Ismaël was taken from the house. His niece, Jocelyn, asked why, his head hanging down and his legs were so pale. The armed men told her Ismael just fainted. It was only when Leonora and children went to the district hospital Canlaon, they said Ismael was dead.

children witness

About 40 to 60 armed gunmen surrounded the house next door Edgar and his wife, Carmel.

In the room where Edgardo Avelino was killed. Photo courtesy KARAPATAN Negros

She said that five men broke into destroying their doors. Their son met an officer and pulled out a cry for help. Sister took up the cry. Carmel, who was sleeping with the children woke up and tried to help, but was blocked by armed men.

Then she heard the beating sounds in the next room, where he slept Edgardo. Carmel was forced to her daughter, and then heard gunshots first Ismael home and then them.

Ephraim, the other brother, Edgar tried to check in the crush, but it was also limited to men he described as wearing uniform with «SAF» label (especially of the forces). They grabbed him by the neck and pushed him back, warning him to remain in place or be killed.

Edgardo suffered three gunshot wounds, one on his forehead, on his shoulder and the other on his right cheek.

Edgar Garubat and arrested his wife, Azucena, also lived in the same area.

"We were ordered to fall face down on the floor to another room, while some of them were asked to leave the house," he said KARAPATAN.

Something & # 39; I'm Steve Arapoc in Manjuyod said that has not been shown warrants by about 10 men who stormed their residence.

His brother, Mc Khillif, said uniformed men shortly before 4 am with their signs, covers, carrying long and short firearms.

Killed begging for mercy

Mc Khillif was in the house with Steve, and their 61-year-old mother, Welly, three brothers and sisters and their spouses, as well as four children, aged four months to 13 years.

According to him, people are trained to M16 rifles, and short hands on them, when asked where they had buried the rifle M14. When they denied any knowledge of firearms, Mc Khallif handcuffs and taken to another male relative.

They called on Steve, who descended the stairs without weapons. About five armed men dragged him out and beat him, demanding him to reveal the whereabouts of firearms they were looking for.

They tied his hands and threw him face down on the floor, still beating. He asked for mercy, when they shot him, said Mac Khillif, adding that his nephew, Kenneth and his brother, Keren, was witnessed shooting.

"After they shot him, they went up and then down, and then they put the .38 caliber bullet from one Steve. They also shot three times at the walls of the house. Steve gunshot wounds in the neck, chest and abdomen. The bullet hit his stomach went through his thigh, according to KARAPATAN notes.

Mc Khllif said that the armed men, Steve wrapped in a blanket and dragged their car. They took three mobile phones and P26,000 by selling their pigs.

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