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Yakuza Devs Kick Off April Fool's day early and in the style of «RPG Reveal» Trailer


Yakuza developers to post their April Fool's Day prank by posting a trailer for the layout of the development of the game JRPG yakuza style.

Although April Fool's Day with & # 39 is tomorrow yakuza Ryat of Gotoku Studio developers decided to throw festives with a completely new – and very fake – a trailer for his next title today. They are doing it in style through the layout of a video showing the turn-based RPG yakuza starring Yakuza Internet Kasuga hero Ichiban:

Of course, if you are familiar with the mechanics of fast-paced action franchise, this style ends up being as fun as you would imagine. Stressful and time tangible scenario in this case the woman is protected by a group of bandits, slowing down to ensure the combat system to boot. This, of course, in conjunction with the genre staple, which has a camera pan sharply around the fighters as "the party of" preparing for battle – bundled with HP sensors and visible damage output.

One of my favorite parts of the far looks Ayako attack enemies with two special abilities. The first super effective attack and charm of a second & # 39 is extremely devastating special move that involves swinging her purse around and nailed in the face of the enemy.

After some silliness involving more special attacks, we are faced with the boss, which is trying to Kasuga and can cause more damage before the boss three attacks and empties it in one attack. The team takes it down after Ayaka revives Kasuga and his, and the other member of the party to use the command up to the attack nail the boss in the face with a bat, immediately beat it. After the battle, of course, it ends with a cliché received screen experience, as a party celebrating their hard earned victory.

The amount of time and effort that clearly went into this April Fool's joke strange and makes for a very interesting layout of the trailer. Despite the fact that it is more than likely that scenario, the ability and the infrastructure used for this game and the settings specified in the trailer based on the development work for the upcoming PS4 yakuza headline that will play a major role and the same character as in Yakuza Internet, Personally, I hope there is a good chance it JRPG type of fight will end up as a side mission in the future yakuza name.

Yakuza InternetThat exceeded the 500,000 pre-registered in Japan, released as a free to the mobile card game game. Sega's Toshihiro Nagoshi CCO recently expressed wishes Yakuza Internet to come to the West.

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