"America Express" apologizes for the episode of abuse


In the latest episode of American Express, participants were given a surprising assignment. They suddenly kissed three people on the road. Many viewers feel disgusted with strange "pleasures" where the limits of entertainment and sexual abuse are exceeded. As you can see, the program producer came to the conclusion that the episode, which caused such a big controversy, actually had the right to be angry. Apologies are published on Facebook "America Express".

"America Express" apologizes

"Beloved, we attach great importance to ethical standards that are high on location and in the air." However, in the last 10 episodes of our program there was competition that some people might consider inappropriate, and we apologized to everyone who was depressed by watching this episode "- we read.

Such apologies, where production notes that competition "can be considered inappropriate", and not because of it or harassment, does not satisfy all viewers.

"Embarrassing non-apologists." "Everyone who feels affected" – the traditional bhoot framework, who regrets that someone shot focha, well, is now difficult to let them finally stay away from our pleasures of the poor, "commented one Internet user.

The episode has disappeared from Player.pl.

Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak: "I am ashamed"

Besides Facebook "America Express", Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak, the host, also published his apology. His words sounded more convincing.

"I am embarrassed for the 10th episode of American Express, although this is a fantastic format where we watch not only the struggles of the participants, but also the most beautiful corners in the world, and in a loose and entertaining form, we try to bring other cultures closer to us, the protagonists often raise my doubts, I don't take part in production work when choosing competitors for the participants, I'm not a witness of all the struggles set, but this is no reason, because as a leader I wrote this format with my face the question is: should I continue to run this program? I accept all the accusations, agree with them and I can only say SUMMER from my side, "he wrote on Instagram.

Importantly, a few words from each other in the post about mainly criticism from the head of WP.pl, Tomasz Machała (let's remind you that it was in WP.pl that the first article appeared, whose author drew attention to what happened on "America Express "") Also on Instagram published by Filip Chajzer.

"By the way, I want to apologize to everyone who was offended by the participation of my father and my father in kissing competition." A man learns all his life. The most important thing is to draw conclusions from each lesson.


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