Attention! TVN: The teenager was brutally raped on his 18th birthday. He was given a rape pill


It was the eagerly awaited night for him. He spent the party celebrating his 18th birthday with his closest friends. Among others, those who turned into cruel executioners.

– We will make it a birthday surprise. We rent rooms, but we don't want to talk about it. He regretted Grzesiek that his mother did not want to make it a birthday party. Grzesiek suggested that he do a small party at home.

Two friends should be there. Even before leaving, he told me that Grzesiek had said that his friends would not be here. He said he would be there for a while. It was natural for me that he would go to a friend because he was sad – remember the mother of the victim.

They have known each other since childhood

Grzegorz G. and his girlfriend have been friends for years. They go to elementary school together.

The girl visited her friend many times in her house. He feels safe and comfortable there. He also knows his parents. They are home tonight.

– We have known each other since birth. We are always everywhere. Either I sit in his place or he is with me. I treat it like a brother. He told me that I would never forget this eighteenth – the girl recalled.

– I came to Grzesiek, we sat and talked. He is with a friend. They behave normally. His mother came, he gave me a happy birthday and he left. Then when I went out to smoke, they locked me on the balcony. Then I heard them whisper something. Then they let me in. Grzesiek gave me something purple to drink. He said it was very good. I trust him, so I drink it. Then, the film stopped – he remembered.

The girl was given a rape tablet

As determined by the prosecutor, during a birthday meeting, a rape tablet was given to the girl. When he lost consciousness, Grzegorz and his friend brutally raped him.

– That hurts him. Genital, anus, throat. All the fantasies that have been observed in erotic films have been fulfilled. I don't want a woman to experience something like that – said a desperate mother.

The medication given to him causes memory loss. The pill victim insisted on not agreeing.

– If we lose consciousness, then everything can be done with our body. We cannot defend ourselves because we sleep well. We are in a coma. After a dozen hours, there is no trace of this substance. This is one of the worst types of crime, because victims remain vulnerable. He can't do anything – said Dr. Piotr Hydzik from the Department of Toxicology at the University Hospital in Krakow.

The perpetrators photograph everything

The perpetrators of sexual violence photograph everything on the victim's phone. The photos the girl found the next morning were a very cruel record of rape. He showed it to the police. On the same day, the two boys were arrested.

Prosecutors sued two teenagers on charges. Grzegorz G. is 18 years old. He is a student from a vocational school. The second of the defendants was his colleague Maksymilian M., a student from another school in Glogow.

– We go to class together. He did not address technical schools and prescribe himself to the profession. He is rather a calm child. He did not look for arguments – said Marcel Pietrzak, a colleague from Grzegorz G.'s school

When the prosecutor's office determined that night when a teenager was raped, there were also four other men at Gregory's house, separated from his parents – three citizens of Ukraine and one Polar. They rent rooms there. Gregory asked for their help to bring unconscious victims out of the upper room. They put him in the van of one of the Ukrainians.

– I woke up in a car under Grześko's house. One Ukrainian is sitting next to me, the rest is opposite me. The one who hugged me, Grzesiek showed them my naked photos. Everyone laughs silly – the girl remembers.

Initially, three Ukrainians and a Polish were banned from leaving the country and police supervision. They are suspected of failing to help a teenager. After several months, the prosecutor's office stopped this investigation. It was assumed that the people were sure that the girl was drunk. Ambulances don't call because prosecutors feel that they don't know the language.

– Ukraine is a witness in the process in which the public is excluded – comments Lidia Tkaczyszyn, spokesman for the District Prosecutor's Office in Legnica.

The girl has experienced a disturbance

The big surprise also caused the girl how she was hospitalized. When he appeared with his mother, he was not helped and sent to the police. When he lost consciousness there, he returned to the emergency room by ambulance.

– During the examination at the hospital, I was treated badly. The doctor yelled at me and asked why I did not protect myself. The research was very painful. The nurses said that I was stupid, that I had brought it to life – recalled the girl.

– This is a very difficult situation for every woman who has been so hurt. At the same time, medical staff must act according to the procedure, asking questions that can later help prosecute the perpetrators. If we don't stand up for the assignment, I'm very sorry. We will ensure that this no longer happens – Anna Szewczuk-Łebska – Regional Health Center in Lubin

The girl has experienced a disturbance. He tried to kill himself. He did not return to school. Now he has individual teaching courses.

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