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Cardinal Dziwisz no longer choose the Pope


It is true that the Cardinal. Zhivish will be able to participate in the meetings that precede the conclave, but during the voting in the Sistine Chapel will no longer participate. By the end of 2019 at the age of 80 years will exceed five cardinals. "This means that Francis will soon be part of the College of Cardinals" – the newspaper said.

According to Vatican-konsytorz it is convened later this year. Probably, Saturday preceding the feast of Christ the King – 23 November. This will be the sixth consistory of this pontificate. At the preliminary five pope appointed to the College of Cardinals 79 prelates from around the world. In this group, there was only one pole. Before the year – June 28 – received the insignia of cardinals the papal almoner, Cardinal. Konrad Krajewski.

Francis, who will appoint cardinals college?

– Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski probably crucial to stay, but Francis had long broken with tradition knows – explains the «Rzeczpospolita» one of the hierarchy of the Vatican, which is involved in decision-making and as an example shown, for example, Venice, whose patriarch, Archbishop Francesco morality since 2012 waiting .. purple the same thing in Turin, which is also considered the capital of the Cardinal. -. Francis does not recognize this habit and purple -., Who was seen in the previous konsystorzach – sacrifices the bishop of the diocese in which the Cardinals have never been.

In previous nominations, they suggested that the cardinal might be Polish Primate Archbishop Wojciech Polak. Now he is also mentioned among the potential candidates. – Attention is drawn to the fact that he was in Poland main person fight against pedophilia, and this may be its biggest advantage, – said «Rzeczpospolita» one of the Vatican, but he adds that Francis likes to surprise, and if he wants to appoint cardinal one of Poles, it can be pulled out of the second hierarchy, or even third row.

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Source: "Rzeczpospolita"


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