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Friends from the school where she worked Agata Duda open. You will not believe that they are persistently


Agata Duda really had to convince them to do so. Teachers from the school where she worked first lady ever, finally broke his silence and gave something incredible.

Agata Duda He established himself as a person, aside from talking out loud and express their opinions. Usually it focuses more on supporting Duda in all cases and perfect appearance in the background, while eagerly nodding to everything that will be presented to the government of Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

Now, however, they were cut shocking information about the first lady comment on the strike of teachers. It turns out that Agata Duda attended the school, which used to work and talk with old friends. She urged teachers to something incredible, and everything came to light, because you decided to break the silence. The president's wife did not know.

Agata Duda met with teachers at his former school

Recently Agata Duda becomes more visible and active. While it is still not speak and does not give virtually any comments that could adjust the value of the more significant issues in the Polish political situation, the first lady proves that this is not idle. I visited various companies and social center of the whole of Poland, and now decided to go to the second high school in Krakow, where he once worked as a teacher of German language. Media reported that privately met with the teachers there.

– I have information that the first lady was in a school head for a coffee, and then went to the teachers' room, where he talked to a few people, but it was a private conversation – reports "Super Express" Maria Stalmach-Krzyworzeka, representing branch in Krakow Polish Teachers' Union.

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Agatha Duda says that teachers are on strike?

According to information leaked to the media, Agate Duda encouraged the teacher to refuse to participate in the strike carried out on April 8.

– Strike of teachers does not make sense, the government has no money to raise – the first lady had to say.

These reports led to a massive scandal, the so-called implementation. Fridays Kaczynski fact clearly shows that the money is there, but not for teachers. For more information, also referred to the presidential palace, which is very sharply denied that such words have fallen.

– This is not true, these reports are nonsense, – said President's Press Secretary, Blazej Spychalski.


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