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Mozilla Fenix ​​replace PI ± ± to see Firefox on smartphones with Android


The fact that Mozilla is working on a new dark ± ± ± ± ± device monitoring on mobile devices, we have to know jakiego¶ time. Fenix, because he has nazywaæ application is developed within a few months, and should be a breeze ¶wie¿o¶ci, which again podbierze smartphone users.

Those who rely on a ± & # 39 is that the application will dzia³aæ Firefox bed next to an elderly ±, but disappointed. Documents relating to the Mozilla smokers ± ± browser support overview shows that the "fire fox" will be completely abolished and replaced by a new verticals ± Fenix.

In addition, it has already become nied³ugo. As we learn in the said document, the final release of Firefox will be the one bearing the number 68. Mozilla does not want to immediately wygasiæ Firefox the office ± Android device.

Although Firefox 68 will be available in July 2019 Mozilla will be different viewing Dark ± for some time, «opiekowaæ.» ± J go dzia³u ESR operation, which will allow for Firefox updates with minimal effort. In practice, this means that there will only ³ataæ from key supply error ± ± V. with respect to safety. Large packages of amendments, to show it is from May to September, pa¼dzierniku and December.

In the next few months within ± w³o¿y Mozilla a lot of work on the preparation of Fenix, as its new flagship product for smartphones with Android. Only when it's ± Nest "wait state to migrate" it can successfully replace ± five Firefox.

Both bed browser viewing ± ± Thus, for some time dzia³a³y «near" to each other. Mozilla at this time is likely to be zachêca³a users to abandon Firefox for Fenix. Unfortunately, the fund does not mention when fully withdraw «Fire Fox» Play Store. Hearing sure that it will be in mid-2020 already.

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