Saturday , May 8 2021

PGE Skra Bełchatów – the result of Asseco Resovia

If the match between the team from Bełchatów and Rzeszów takes place in the first round, it will be a hit. In the sixth hand of the season he can also have the most interesting character, but in practice he is a match between the tenth on the PGE Skr meja table and the last – 14th Asseco Resovia. Contrary to the order in the general classification, it evokes emotions and levels with blockbuster queues. The meeting at Bełchatów was full of fierce battles, sacrificial defenses and great risks taken by the two teams in the service.

"Mistakes are our biggest problem. We played nervously and we were impatient. We had to change our approach as soon as possible and, in times of anxiety, played wisely when we had to make a decision – said Gheorghe Cretu after his first match as coach of Asseco Resovia On Wednesday at Bełchatów, a Romanian coach could see the face of a team that was completely different from the previous defeat in meeting a terrible style with MKS Będzin. Patience was different. Residents of Rzeszów had a good day when it came to compensate for losses, though luck when it came to putting a point on "and" to end the set in their favor. In the first batch, Bełchatów had run 21:18, but then David Smith entered the service field on the side of Asseco Resovia. The American section gave the citizens of Bełchatów the greatest difficulty with their services and at that time thanks to him, Resovia get four stitches. Then there was a fight for profit, where the Polish champions only used the sixth set of balls, and volleyball players from Rzeszów lost two chances to win the set (32:30).

While on Resovia's side in rocking Smith, Milad Ebadipour, Mariusz Wlazły and Jakub Kochanowski were on the team. The latter only after three sets have as many as eight block points! In decisive moments, he stopped the attack on the host of the population of Rzeszów – Thibault Rossard. At the decisive moment in the end, the French made a mistake.

In the band from Bełchatów, Cuban player David Fiel Rodriguez made his debut, but he will not remember this entry well. In the second set, when PGE Skra lost 17:21, he changed Jakub Kochanowski. Grzegorz Łomacz immediately directed the ball to the center for Kubanczyk, but passionate Asseco Resovia Marcin Możdżonek was waiting there and blocked his younger friend.

Both teams were impressed with the defensive game, almost impossible to survive. Even measuring 211 cm in the middle of Resovia, Marcin Możdżonek in one of the action shows with spectacular volleyball.

– We have no other problems except that we are a new team that must do everything to play better – explaining the form of waving PGE coach Skra Roberto Piazza. If his team loses on Wednesday at home, he will close his chance to compete in the Polish Cup. However, that did not happen.

PGE Skra Bełchatów – Asseco Resovia 3: 1 (32:30, 21:25, 26:24, 25:21)

PGE Skra: Łomacz, Ebadipour, Kochanowski, Wlazły, Szalpuk, Kłos and Piechocki (l), Teppan, Katić, Fiel, Orczyk

Asseco Resovia: Redwitz, Mika, Smith, Schulz, Rossard, Możdżonek and Masłowski (l), Lemański, Dryia

MVP: Wazzie

The judges are: Kobienia, Ignatowicz

Audience: 2200

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