Pin – Wach. Mariusz Wach: Artur Szpilka has a cauldron like that in mind that it is unfortunate to speak


– I will concentrate and be confident in the ring one hundred percent. Nothing will be done for a madman, I will not throw him at him like crazy, let my feet remain behind, and my hands and head are in front. Everything will be considered, because the fight is contracted for 10 rounds, even though the staff do not agree to the twelfth – said Mariusz Wach, a heavyweight boxer, who today (23:00 on TVP) will face Artur Szpilka in the evening match at Gala "Knockout" Boxing Night "at the Gliwice Arena.

Artur Gac, Enthusiasts and people from the environment pay attention to your new media personality before the duel with Artur Szpilka. To what extent, in the context of Arthur, is this an element of tactics thought?

Mariusz Wach, heavyweight boxer: – When I said that I would hit him faster than Adam Kownacki, I assumed this tactic. I knew Arthur would listen to him and he would give him a little pressure, because he would be very happy with such nonsense. What can I say, I just want to make it talk from time to time. Now, one hour before the fight, I can officially say it. For me, it's just a joke.

Do you see that it works and has the desired effect?

– Of course. Artur works with a psychologist and I think what they emphasize is that my behavior will not offend him. However, since the first conference, I saw Arthur that it cannot be hidden behind a good face. Sometimes, I see that he starts sweating. I feel that he wants to say something or do something in my direction, but psychologists or other people clearly obstruct him. I still see in him a temperament that other people try to keep an eye on.

During media training in Krakow, heroes are only you, and Szpilki runs out, officially due to damage to the car. How do you assess this situation?

– When I learned a few days before that something like that would happen in Krakow, I immediately assumed that Arthur would disappear. I did not investigate the reason, because that was his business. However, I did not appear there for him only for the supporters who came to see the two participants from the fight that night. And that the fans, maybe also for the most part, come to him, the problem and he will be accounted for by the fans. I thank everyone for the very nice reception.

Proper care of the fans might score.

– I take this fight and all the gala seriously. From the very beginning I was present in every media activity and I fulfilled all my duties. I think it must be from all competitors.

"Fighting" for fans in Krakow is the most important because you are both from Lesser Poland. What balance of strength do you expect in the stands?

– Surely there will be fans who don't like one or the other of us and we will definitely hear unpleasant cries of dissatisfaction when we go to the ring. I'm sure, that's why you have to put everything in your head, or at least I have that intention.

You can hear calmly in your voice.

– I never pretended to be someone who was not me and never took another attitude. And in Arthur's case you can see a change of 180 degrees. Now clothes appear, some "gloomy bubbles" and other farts. He tried for once, once and sometimes differently. I felt that at some point, Arthur was lost in it. He really has chaos on his head and the kettle is embarrassing to talk about. The old devil will always come back.

If you have an assumption for this duel to be taken to one word, will it be offensive?

– I am sure I will not go on "hurray", but I will move forward a little, shorten the distance and push Arthur to the rope or corner, and then he will blow. There is no choice that I will give Szpilka a lot of space to make me jump and score.

If you keep your promises, the fight must be fine.

– I repeat at each step that the ring will be smaller for him from minute to minute. At first, you know how Arthur will stay fresh, he will succeed in jumping a little, but then – when adrenaline, fatigue and blow passes – he will be closer to the rope.

How do you determine the level of this duel?

– On our page it will be one of the best fights in recent years. From a fan's point of view, two former competitors for the World Cup will face, but honestly, it's just another duel.

For two unofficial numbers in Polish weight, behind Adam Kownacki?

– The most important thing is direct confrontation, and then it turns out who is better. We remember Szpilka's struggle with Tomasz Adamek, the Tomek is a favorite in the opinion of the majority, and the ring verifies everything. Artur, in a lost position, showed wisdom in the ring and he had five minutes, thanks to which he got the fight for the world championship.

And before today's fight, many say that if Szpilka wins against you, he must be in the ring as self-serving like Adamek, that's the time to listen to the bends and boxes tactically.

– The problem is, I'm not like Adamek. This will be a big problem for Artur. Many people pay attention to the difference in my age that I am older than Arthur for ten years and that would not be a problem for me. I eliminate fear, it doesn't matter. I will be concentrated and confident in the ring one hundred percent. Nothing will be done for a madman, I will not throw him at him like crazy, let my feet remain behind, and my hands and head are in front. Everything will be considered, because the fight is contracted for 10 rounds, even though the staff does not agree with twelve.

And finally: what about your participation in the Dariusz "Tiger" Michalczewski? It doesn't look normal that you haven't fought Szpilka, and you've been announced as a participant on December 8 at the Ergo Arena.

– It is known that it shouldn't look like this, because fighting with Arthur hasn't happened yet … Only after this gala should the next topic appear. However, for the time being my next fight did not bother me. The most important day is for me on November 10.

Some began to speculate that Wach would wear Szpilka when he thought about boxing a month later.

– No choice.

And how much participation in Michalczewski's gala play with what you have in the contract with promoter Szpilka – Andrzej Wasilewski? Apparently, in the case of victory, you have a mandatory rematch.

– It won't collide at all, because a rematch will occur, if I remember correctly, in half a year. So it all depends on whether I will complete a duel with Arthur without injury, a more serious injury and what will be my frame of mind. In any case, I haven't signed anything yet, I'm just after the initial conversation. I will negotiate on November 11.


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