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The boy, who died of electric scooters, Emily Hartrizh, admits: "People say it's my fault"


The boy, who died in the case of an electric scooter, Hartryzh Emily says: The tragic death of British journalist and blogger Emily HartryzhHeld on July 12 this year, shocked the media worldwide. 35, an electric scooter to ride in fertility clinic when faced with a van on the roundabout in London Battery.

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A week after the incident, Jacob Hazel – who was killed 8-year-old partner – decided to interview & # 39; by day sun.

I'm a mess, First I got up to leave the house at 5:00 am. I kissed her on the lips. She just woke up and muttered: "I love you"I am very glad that I did it – he said in an interview with & # 39; u The Sun.

People told me it was my faultbecause I bought her a scooter, but I do not think so. My family & # 39; I have said to me that I am not guilty – he said in an interview with the tabloid.

The charges must be very painful for Hazel, because, as he stated in his post on Instagram, just 11 months ago he left the mental hospitalJacob also sober for over 15 months and is still struggling with alcohol.

Watch: Leading Hartryzh Emily, who died in the electric scooter for a few days before her death.

Partner tragically deceased blogger also added this Emily was very pleased with the gift, but she was aware of the risk of traveling through the streets of London, It has always been a helmet.

We just lived together and planned to create something & # 39; wI heartily that she left – he said during an interview with & # 39; S.

Despite what happened to him, Yakov Hazel does not consider that the electric scooters should be bannedWe recall the tragic accident of his partner in the UK is considered the first of its kind.

I believe that you should not prohibit the use of these vehicles, they are electrically operated, only they are accelerated to 30 km / h and 39 & # are environmentally friendly.

Yakov also explained why he decided to give an interview to & # 39; w sun. Discussion of his feelings had to be part of the therapy, which helped him to deal with drug addictionEmily strongly supported him in this struggle, which often tried to expand the knowledge of its observers in terms of mental health.

I know that Emily was the person who encouraged me to talk about how I feel and I just want to publish video and to say thank you and to let people know that I'm alright – he said.

View this post on Instagram.

I was asked to write a post for charitable men and mental health @Humanorg, which means a lot to me, and I thought it would be good to share. It's basically me to sum up, I think it might help someone else. Unfortunately, I understand that at the moment is not enough humor! I will try to slowly past it, because a smile is important! My – – My name is Jake, I am 26 years, 15 months clean and sober 11 months of hospital mental health, and she died. – – Since I left, my mental health deteriorated. Just because I lost my drug and alcohol. The best thing that I've seen, TICK about it. I used to do on social networks because they do not reach a certain sense of life, no longer afraid to tell people how I felt. I felt for so long. – – At this time I am in the community Emily Hartryzh mental health. We managed to find out more about health. Now I'm not okay, but it would be nice if it was good, it would only delay the grief. – I have a mental health problem, I had a fantastic teacher. For me it is a very difficult time, but it's bad. Telling his story, I hope it's a bad thing. And believe me, I was struggling to see the light through the trees. – I would like to dedicate this love of my life, Emily Hartryzh, rest in peace my angel. – – #anxiety #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #letstalk #stigma

The report was made JAKE HAZELL (@jacob_hazell) July 19, 2019 at 11:02 PDT

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