The vote of the Seimas on the construction of the wall has been postponed to Thursday


  • The draft special act, which envisages the construction of a wall on the Polish-Belarusian border, was submitted to the parliamentary committee on Wednesday morning.
  • PiS politicians have announced that the case is so urgent that the final vote on the subject could take place on the same day
  • In the end, it didn’t happen. Following the debate, it was decided that a vote on construction financing would take place on Thursday, October 14th
  • Jaroslav Kaczynski announced the construction of a border wall. Last week, he said that “a very serious dam will be built on the eastern border, which will be very difficult to cross.”
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The Seimas began the second reading of the bill 22. During the evening debate Koalicja Obywatelska filed a motion to reject the bill. The same position is expressed by the club Lewica. In turn, the Polish People’s Party proposes to build an “electronic wall” at the border, the contractor of which will be selected in the usual way of public procurement.

Klyusik-Rostkovskaya: Money for construction “will be spent in vain”

– We are submitting an application to reject the bill on the construction of a dam on the border with Belarus; the money will be spent, but this wall will not be built, KO will not lend a hand to the fact that more money will be swept or even stolen, – said Joanna Kluzik -Rastkowska, KO MP in the Sejm.

– Today we do not even have to discuss whether we need this wall or not. It will be with this wall in the same way as with respirators, with masks, with Astrolenka, – she added, presenting the position of the KO club. – KO -club will not lend a hand because the next money will be wasted or even stolen, so we are petitioning to reject the bill, – said the MP KO.

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Left: We’re there

– The club of the left will also not support this bill and is filing a motion to refuse in the first reading, – said MP Pavel Krutul. As he added, currently the Polish border is not safe because no one dies at the safe border.

“Don’t be surprised by our emotions when human life is at stake, and practically – death by starvation and hypothermia,” he said. He also spoke about the planned expropriations and asked how many people were affected. He also asked where the “children from Mikhalov” were. In turn, Jan Shopinski (left) called for the convening of the National Security Council on the construction of the wall.

PiS: What will be on the border could not have been predicted before

MP Arkady Czartoryski (PiS club) said in a club speech that a few months ago it was impossible to predict what would happen on the Polish-Belarusian border. – Today everything indicates that we are dealing with the biggest crisis on the Polish border since 1989, – he said. He mentioned that in August and September alone 8,000 attempts were made to cross the border illegally.

– Today Poland is a place where we defend the border of the European Union. Today, Poland is the site of the hottest hybrid war, he said, adding that the Lukashenko regime is spending a lot of money on it. – The escalation of the Lukashenko regime is increasing, and we must all respond to it together, – he explained. As he reported, the PiS club supports the bill.

The government’s position that the border with Belarus should be strengthened quickly, which is interestingly supported by the Polish People’s Party.

Radoslaw Lubczyk, a member of the party, said during the parliamentary debate that there was no doubt about the need to protect the Polish border and that the hybrid war waged by the Belarusian regime should be answered.

He stressed that the protection of the Polish border cannot take place without control and procedures. Lyubchyk asked the government to invite the EU to cooperate in protecting the border with Belarus.

– We propose to install an electronic wall on the border with Belarus on the basis of transparent tender procedures, – suggested Lyubchyk.

Konfedercja and Klub Hołownia2050 submit amendments

In turn, amendments to the prepared changes were made by the Confederate and Poland in 2050. The Confederation amendment provides that a report on the construction of the dam will be submitted once a month at a session of the Sejm.

Poland 2050 introduced four amendments, according to which the Ministry of Interior and Administration will be required to submit oral and written reports on the implementation of investments every three months. As a result, the Seimas again sent the bill to the National Defense Committee, administration and internal affairs.

The government wants to build a wall on the basis of a special act

We remind. On Wednesday morning, a government bill on building a border guard was introduced in the parliamentary national defense committee. He suggests, among other things, that certain rules will not apply to this investment. The expected construction cost is PLN 1,615 million. Deputy Minister of National Defense Wojciech Skurkiewicz announced on Polish Radio 24 that the Sejm would probably take up the project on Wednesday. Eventually, a discussion on the idea took place that day. The final vote, during which deputies will decide whether the state will finance the construction of the border wall, will take place on Thursday.

According to a draft notified by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, this act defines the rules for the preparation and implementation of a security barrier at the Polish border, which is the EU’s external border (with Belarus, Russia, Ukraine). Investments will become a public goal. The draft assumes, in particular, that certain provisions, including construction legislation, water legislation or environmental legislation, will not apply to it. The Public Procurement Law will not apply to barrier construction contracts, and procurement will be overseen by the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau. The estimated cost of the planned barrier is PLN 1,615 million, of which PLN 1 billion 500 million is the construction of the physical barrier and PLN 115 million is the construction of technical devices.


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