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TWRC Minecraft obchodw excluded from the 10-th anniversary of its production


Pisalimy month ago of Minecraft update, remove the pot, he became wywietlanych menu gwnym napisw mention zaoycielu Mojang studio and creator Markus Notchu Perssonie production. Comments, which will provide services for Microsoft representative Variety indicates that the American giant continues its policy of cutting off a Swedish millionaire and his controversial pogldw. The father of one of the best games in the history of sprzedajcych wemi does not participate in the celebration of their child decades.

TWRC MinecraftMarkus Notch Persson, who will sell the Microsoft title for $ 2.5 billion in 2014, will not be part of the game obchodw decades because of his comments and feedback.

His pogldy not reflect the position or Mojang and Microsoft is not out & # 39 are representative Minecraft.

The above proposition shows that Microsoft is trying to at any cost is cut from Persson. This means that he will not participate in at Mojang headquarters scheduled for May 17 events, Has KTRE story summary Minecraft and submit plans for its further development. Given the fact that the task force gwnie children's games, which is not of the & # 39 is a surprise. Notch is known for its zamiowania to conspiracy theories. Also posdzany racism and homophobia.

It is worth mentioning that Minecraft This is a big sandbox, in May ktrej players almost unlimited possibilities of construction. Zadebiutowaa production in May 2009, in stajc one of the most popular all tytuw czasw.

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