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A great struggle is Leonardo da Neymara eve of PSG team


PSG sporting director even called on his comrades in truth Neymara reproach for his conduct.

As reported by the Spanish newspaper the Sport, on Monday PSG sporting director Leonardo de Araujo he scolded Neymara front of the team, if a player is introduced to train a week.

Leonardo said with a hard tone that from now on will be the same rules for all players in the list, while still ensuring that the benefits have ended. Neymar will be punished by the club for his delay, and the penalty will be the highest predicted.

According to the Spanish newspaper, Leonardo continued to grow, and recalled that all of the first week of work during the first week of training, and Neymar, who has already completed a month of rest, enjoying unjustified. more rest in Brazil.

PSG sporting director also urged the team internal way to resolve the situation with the Brazilian striker, who, according to the Sport newspaper, could be interpreted as an invitation, which itself accused colleagues face Neymara. their lack of attachment.

Disclaimer Leonardo took place in the absence of the first and second team captain, Tyyaga Silva and Marcos Gomes de Araujo, compatriots and friends Neymara who enjoyed holidays after playing in the Copa America, as well as other team heavyweights, as is the case with Edynsanam forged and Engel and Maria.

Such joint support Neymara with PSG sporting director strengthens the Brazilian desire to leave the club and move to Barcelona.

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